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Construction Experts

Experts within the trade that know how versatile the industry can be, but we also know how to use it to our advantage.

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Limited Clients

We're all about delivering great results, and we do that by giving each client the attention they deserve.

Outstanding results

Outstanding Results

Delivering outstanding results is what we do best. Our team of experts is ready to bring your trade business from start-up to 7-Figures.

Accounting for the construction industry... But just better...

Let's put you back in control of your business

We are work with small-medium business owners only! We are working with those in the construction industry to bring businesses from "On The Tools" to a strong, consistent and sustainable company. We are bringing the control back to businesses just like yours across the UK.

Now... We understand that you might be with someone who already provides accountancy services, but we are offering you the chance to switch for the better.

We have all seen accountants say these words "We have revolutionised [generic service]". And that is all it is, a generic service. They say you are getting some unique, yet you are still left clueless about your business. We work with you in business, allowing you to know everything in and out. Now this sounds great, but we are still so much more than that. Let me show you what else we are bringing to the table that NO other business support firm is doing! 

💙 Perk 1 - Free Business Development Manager

Every quarter Saint provides the luxury of FREE Business Advice for all of our clients. Call now for your free consultation with a friendly business advisor to discuss your burning questions and put that energy back into your business.

FREE 1-2-1 discovery call to discuss your business!
FREE Quick Query Business Advice
FREE Business reports with graphs and data.
FREE Snapshot Action Plan to put you on the path to success.
100% Construction specialised
Access to Saints renowned Loyalty Club with awards, gifts and giveaways.
PLUS 2x Monthly Newsletters containing tips & tricks, industry updates, construction insight and advice.

🕊 Perk 2 - Saint Loyalty Club

A Loyalty Club full of exclusive rewards, benefits, giveaways and more. Members of our Loyalty Club have exclusive access to content, groups and mailing lists that are not available to the public.

We provide exclusive tips and tricks in order to multiply your business.

All of this is completely free of charge to all of our clients within the Saint Loyalty Club

☁ Perk 3 - All-In-One, Cloud-Based Solution

No matter where you are, we have the ability to work with you! We have cut the need for face to face meetings, although it’s nice and we still love to do it. We now have the ability to connect with our clients no matter where they are based through the use of advanced technology and innovative solutions.

We have merged every business solution into a single All-In-One platform. This means you do not have to spend hours speaking to multiple support agencies with no goal alliance. Saint Financial Group brings you every solution that you need to succeed and presents them at the tip of your fingers.

🏗 Perk 4 - Industry insights

Pull ahead of your competitors with direct insight to the future growth areas of the industry including Tax Areas & Grants!  We works alongside supply merchants (Selco, GOV, Travis, etc) and are able to grab the details within the industry before anyone else!

🚧 Perk 5 - Your All-In-One Construction Experts

We are more than experts in accountancy. While the figures drive your business we have identified every solution that a business needs to succeed. You have just found yourself a team of experts within the construction industry that are ready to dedicate themselves to scaling your business.

• Experienced Admin support & Call Handling - For your RAMS, Specifications, Site Visits & Customer Support.
• Saint Tax Practice - Access to Tax Specialist with the Construction Industry providing you with your best options.
• Your own powerful, national Media Agency for all of your Marketing, Sales & Branding success.
• Dedicated Construction Industry Accountants at last!
• Business Experts helping you develop, improve and grow your construction business.

🤑 Perk 6 - Free Resources

Get access to ongoing resources completely free of charge. We are giving you access to quality content in full! There are no demos here. What to expect:

- How to start a business
- Brexit VAT changes
- A to Z Business Expense Guide
- The Perfect Logo Checklist
- And so much more!

📈 Perk 7  - Free Quarterly Reporting

Provided to all SaintFG Clients, Quarterly Reporting valued at £1400 per year, completely free of charge! We provide you with meaningful data and analytics to gain a better understanding of your business. Inside and out.

Within these reports we will pinpoint exactly where our services are providing effectiveness, again, proving the value that we provide at Saint Financial Group.

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Are You Ready To Succeed?

Do you feel like your Accountant is more interested in their monthly payment rather than your success? Do they understand or even know where you want to go as a company? Do they take the time to call you to ensure everything is running smoothly without prompt?

We realise success means different things to different people. We are working with startups & establish businesses and delivering results. Some want to expand while some just want to be busy but calm. We put you in control of your business and deliver results.

💸 Increased Wealth & Reduced Tax
👪 Gain The Lifestyle You Deserve
🌄 Peace of mind that everything is planned and working.

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