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How do I get people to remember my business? - Branding | Construction Insider

How do I get people to remember my business? - Branding | Construction Insider

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Your identity, or more commonly known as your branding. There is more to it than you would expect and is extremely overlooked. Now some within the construction industry nail their branding, but we have to admit that a solid 90% of it is very, very poor, which is unfortunate but that means you don’t have much competition when it comes to building a quality brand.

Building your branding is the process of building a visual identity that presents your business values through the use of your logo, typeface, colours and so on. So it is clear to see that branding goes way past the logo. When you think about your brand, you want to think closely about your entire customer experience. Everything from the service in which you deliver to the quality of your services.

When you understand the true value of branding, it can seem a bit overwhelming, but hold onto this keynote. Branding speaks volumes about your business and what it delivers.

In short, it’s the way your clients perceive you. All of us have massive amounts of competition out there, but customers are looking for businesses in which they can emotionally connect with. A strong brand is able to stand out in a densely crowded marketplace. People fall in love with brands, trust them, and believe in their values. How a brand is perceived by its audience defines its success, regardless of the industry or size.

Imagine if you were dealing with a company with a poorly put together website, broken buttons, poor logo design, everything is blurred and pixelated. It would give a terrible user experience and this is the first impression a potential client is having with the company. This instantly leaves a negative impression of the company and the quality of work it provides.

Good branding does not just prove that you deliver a quality service, it promotes recognition. People tend to do business with companies they are familiar with, if your branding is consistent and easy to recognise, it can help people feel more comfortable and trust what you are offering.

Here are a few other reasons why great branding is a necessity

•  Your brand represents you and your promise

• A strong brand generates referrals

•  Generates recurring revenue & upsell opportunities

•  Creates brand equity

• A strong brand generates customer loyalty

• Provides clarity and connects emotionally with the client

• Creates brand awareness.

Consistency is key!

If you are not consistent with your branding, it will never become recognisable. Your branding should be consistent throughout everything you do, from invoices to van decal.

The reputation of your branding will slowly become familiar with your clients and audience, and when you have achieved this, you will develop trust and confidence with your clients.

What are some of the key elements that make your branding?


Colour is the best way to communicate emotions! Colour is one of the most important building blocks to your business identity. Here are some examples of what different colours mean:

Red - Danger / Love

Orange - Joyful / Creative

Yellow - Energy / Caution

Green - Money / Growth

Blue - Trust / Dedication

Purple - Royal / Magical

Pink - Calmness / Optimism

Black - Mystery / Death


The font is all about the message you are delivering, it communicates the brand’s personality very effectively BUT also how a message is received. We can use the exact text, word for word, and the power of a font change can change the entire meaning behind it


The fact is, people buy from people, not corporations. Every brand has a personality to connect with their target audience, this is to both relate and develop trust with the audience. The personality of your brand is a strong point and it flows through everything from your logo, typography and the way you pick up the phone. Here are some examples that you can see in massive brands.

Sophisticated - Rolex, Gucci, Apple

Sincerity - Disney, Amazon, Cadbury

Competence - Google, Intel, Microsoft

Excitement - Tesla, Redbull, Coca-Cola

Ruggedness - Timberland, Jeep, North Face

How to build a strong brand

• Know your target audience

• Know your industry

• Differentiate from competitors

• Know your market purpose

• Amplify your unique personality

• Know your geographic location

We understand branding and we understand the construction industry. Get in touch with Saint Global today to build a business that your clients will remember!

This article was written for Saint Financial Group, a multidisciplinary group based in the UK that helps construction businesses develop and grow. SaintFG offers a range of quality solutions in supporting businesses.

Saint provides the luxury of free business consultancy for of our clients, call now for your free consultation with a friendly business advisor to discuss your burning questions and put that energy back into your business!


Written by:

Michael O'Rourke MAAT

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