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A basic Introduction into Accountancy Software for your Construction Firm

A basic Introduction into Accountancy Software for your Construction Firm

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Using an accounting system from the start can help you organise your finances and have insights into your business you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise! We highly recommend Xero as it allows great flexibility for growth and has one of the largest marketplaces for Apps allowing you to connect your favourite softwares and plug them straight into Xero.

Some of the benefits of using Xero are:

1. Access to your finances 24/7 through the cloud, giving you the data to make business decisions on the move.

2. Access to real-time information. Xero can show you what’s happening in your business right now!

3. Live bank feeds means you can connect your bank account to Xero which will bring through any income or payments saving data entry time and ensures accurate, timely information on cash balances within your accounts.

4. Easily give access to anyone in your team, or even your accountant no matter where they are.

5. Security and encryption are at the same level as many banks.

6. Xero is continuously improving and any updates are included within the price.

7. Xero works with over 1000+ different softwares, meaning you can save hours on data entry with a Xero integration.

Some of the common softwares we see Construction businesses use that connect with Xero are:


A software tailored for ease of use with features such as job dispatch, quoting and invoicing capability with real-time visibility on job status and staff location in the field. ServiceM8 also integrates with lots of softwares such as Google Calendar and Mailchimp to help with connecting with your clients. You can also accept online payments through the app to help with cashflow.


Again, Tradify is focused on the construction trade industry and is designed for the smaller businesses of around 1-20 employees to help control business admin as an all-in-one job management software. Tradify has many key features to help your company run as smoothly as possible, such as pricing, inventory management, job tracking, online payments, reporting and many many more.


This is the next step up and where the pricing also jumps up as well, but if you are looking for an all in one CRM and service system with project tracking/management, Flowlens is for you. They have some amazing features to help keep client relationships, this software specialises in the construction manufacturing and technology industry.


Another expensive option to roll out and sometimes takes a bit longer to learn however SimPRO is designed to manage workflow, process, productivity, and profitability. SimPRO’s main features are focused on Job and Project Management to help support the construction trade and engineering sector.

Softwares that work with Zapier can also be a great benefit for any softwares that don’t have a direct integration with each other. The benefit is that Zapier can take away a lot of the repetitive actions you do day to day in your business.

This article was written for Saint Financial Group, a multidisciplinary group based in the UK that helps construction businesses develop and grow. SaintFG offers a range of quality solutions in supporting businesses.

Saint provides the luxury of free business consultancy for of our clients, call now for your free consultation with a friendly business advisor to discuss your burning questions and put that energy back into your business!


Written by:

Dylan O'Rourke MAAT

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