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What is G Suite?

G Suite is a collection of cloud-based tools made for businesses produced by Google. They are very common product and there is a high chance you are familiar with a lot of them: Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Hangouts and many many more. G Suite offers a full collection applications which you can apply to your business to increase productivity and security. Allowing you to save time and get back to doing what your business was meant for.

What can G Suite do for you?

Google suite in completely cloud-based, meaning you can access your documents, important information, your business from wherever you are. G Suite contains a series of productivity enhancing applications which allows business performance to exceed.

1. Your Business needs G Suite

When starting a business, every business owners to entrepreneur needs a branded email. A business branded email adds legitimacy and professionalism to a business's look!

For example, which of the below emails would you trust more?




The difference between the two emails is that the first one looks like a basement operation where the second shows a professional and innovative business which will be taken seriously. Setting up a branded email with G Suite is easy, and your clients will instantly see the value in having branded Gmail Domains as opposed to a personal email for business use.

We are a business ourselves, believe it or not... we offer these products as we know how beneficial they actually are. They have been tested, and implemented into our own businesses and then tested again. We have identified what works and what works best.

G Suite Business Email

2. Cloud integration

The internet is HUGE, tonnes of sales, tonnes of traffic. The time is here where cloud based services are needed. What makes this so beneficial is that all of those huge operational costs have been minimised. G Suite offers every business one step into the future, becoming modern, innovative, allowing for new capacity of workflow to be met, its time to get things done! The google cloud is reliable, we have personally been using G Suite for years now, I have never personally seen the Cloud services down, however, Google themselves guarantee for a 99.99% uptime, so you never have to worry about your email servers, documents, drive being offline. Cloud integration enables local businesses to run their business of any device, let it be laptop to phone. This is why the service is so hugely desirable.

3. Increased productivity, modern and innovative.

Since the beginning of time, workplaces have always sought new ways to drive increased productivity and spark innovation amount their seams. G Suite is a powerful enabler of growth in both of these areas.

4. G Suite pricing

Google has a very simplistic pricing structure, consisting of three tiers, unlike other popular competitors with their 20-tier systems. Even better G Suite offers more (a lot more) in comparison to competitors.

5. You and The Big G

We love a good brand, and what brand is a better brand the Google themselves, the huge worldwide organisation which dominates the market. Google gives you instant verification and legitimacy in the eyes of your clients.

6. Customer Service and support

Google customer service is beyond anything i have every experienced, they really show to care on a (sometimes weird) personal level, and i probably annoyed the hell out of them when setting up G Suite for Saint with question after question everyday to find all this information out. G Suite has been made in a very simplistic way, but if you do find yourself stuck, they offer quick responsive customer service and support. If not, feel free to come to us with your questions and we'll be glad to help.

7. G Suite is Sticky

When it comes to using G Suite, it's hard to get out of it. The simplistic approach along with the capacity of what you can actually do makes it hard not to stay with G Suite.

Why choose Saint?

Aint G Suite free?

Well, G Suite operates on a freemium basis. The service is offered for personal use that allow access to many great product which G Suite comprised of, this is called Google Apps. However as you begin to grow in your business there a limitations which are going to be met, running out of storage, need for expansion, need for documentation sharing etc. This is where G Suite comes into place.

Well why would I not just buy from google and skip Saint?

I also questioned this, the answer is that google partners with businesses like us in order to reach new audiences which they might have missed and therefore develop a greater market access. For such a service they provide G Suite at a discounted rate, which we pass on to you.

This shows the comparison between googles pricing and ours, we are shown to save you an close to an average of 10% of the cost per year, allowing you to spend your money elsewhere.

Saint's G Suite Pricing

G Suite Products and Services

Google groups their products and services into four primary functions for business:


The apps included within the connect function include Gmail, Google Calendar, Google plus, and Google Hangouts. Theses apps allows business to stay in touch, and collaborate in workflow.


These apps allow for creation of projects all directly through your browser, not having to waste time setting up programs on every computer. G Suite have incorporated the importance of teamwork and collaboration. No more for the days of having to email back and forth documents, getting lost in multiple versions and alterations which have and have not been made. With G Suite set of apps allows for a modern solution to the past horrors. G Suites product lineup consists of: Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Sites, App Maker, Keep and Jamboard, businesses can easily collaborate and innovate to create documents, presentations and much more as well as the additional benefit of it being so much faster!


Access consists of two apps, Google Drive and Google Cloud Search. Google Drive allows a method of cloud base storage for you business (an advantage of this is being if information was stored on a physical system, it would be at risk of theft, loss or damages. By having a cloud based storage system, theses risks are eliminated). The use of Google drive allows you to run your business smoothly from your laptop, your phone or tablet, whenever and wherever. The days of the need for a stupidly expensive, robust computer system is coming to an end due to the capacity and capability of Google Suite.

Google Cloud Search is an intelligent search function that allows you to search through your entire G Suite database to locate anything of your needs. (now that I think about it, I wonder where i have but that picture of my dog from 2006...) Google Cloud Search allows you to search into the depth of your files, under all those images and documents. I want to welcome this ability into the new era.


Control holds the four apps; Google Admin, Vault and Work Insights. Theses apps allow you the ability of being able to manage users, manage devices, secure and archive content, and manage and track content with ease.

Written by:

Michael O'Rourke

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