The Momentum Engine

Effortlessly Managing Your Marketing & Lead System

Become incomparable with your own Momentum Engine that consolidates your marketing, streamlines communication, and drives consistent results.

Nurture Long-Term Relationship Development
Increase Conversion Rates
Clarity and Sustainable Growth
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Turning Leads into Clients Effectively

the Momentum Engine

Many construction businesses face the challenge of transforming leads into clients and establishing a scalable system that aligns with their growth. Often, the key lies not in merely finding leads, but in executing effective conversion strategies, fostering relationships, and implementing strategic growth planning.

The Momentum Engine accommodates businesses of all sizes, from those doing extensions in the local area to those going after large multi-million-pound contracts with the NHS. The Momentum Engine enables consistent growth and effectively builds reinforced systems into the marketing and lead conversions strategy of a business.

A Saint Global Solution

Implementation of the Momentum Engine

Getting started with The Momentum Engine enables your business to regain control over leads and introduces a structured system to ensure that no deal is forgotten.

  • Attract high-quality leads from various channels which are automatically piped into the Momentum Engine.

  • Turn leads into clients with a strategically executed customer journey flow.

  • Maintain Communication and long-term nurturing with built in marketing and automation.

  • Enhance your return on investment by collecting valuable data and receiving assistance from our team to effectively understand and leverage it effectively.

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"Implementing The Momentum Engine was the best thing I could have done for my business. We was going from job to job and had no system for following up with leads, they end up just being forgotten, Saint have dramatically changed my business!"

Sam Kennedy

Director, Electrical Contractor

"The Momentum Engine has been a driving force behind my recent success, tying this system up with the BiD Team, I have clients on tap and it's put me in a position to start delegating and effectively scaling my business."

Dom Hemingway

Director, Principal Contractor

"A system that does it all? My experience so far has been excellent. Quick clear and transparent from the start. Very positive attitude. Saint genuinely cares about their customers which is refreshing in this industry. Highly recommend!"

Steffan Nielsen

Director, Roofing Contractor

Trusted by 12,856+ happy Construction Business Across the UK.


A Momentum Engine,
Built Around Your Future Clients.

The Engine follows a common marketing practice of a funnel, or a pipeline in some cases. Its purpose is to bring leads from A to B effectively, we break this down into the following of stages.

Building awareness, Delivering Leads

Know where your potential customers are and have an effective strategy in place to drive high-quality leads directly into your Momentum Engine.

Conversion Strategy

Customer Journey is key here, bringing our leads through a carefully executed system that not only educates the lead but builds trust and true value. We implement a Conversion Strategy that is bespoke for each lead profile.

Retention Strategy

Have leads fallen off or maybe it's not the right time? We implement long-term nurturing and retention strategies to keep your leads engaged while building a relationship that lasts.

Continued Optimisation

Through your Momentum dashboard, we can pinpoint the where and why leads are dropping out of the engine, identifying any discernible "leaks." Swiftly, we take action to assess and rectify these issues. This ongoing optimisation level contributes a genuinely efficient and effective system.

project Management

We work hand in hand with key project management tools such as ServiceM8, SimPRO and Commusoft to keep integrity and clarity across all systems.

Key Features of the momentum Engine

We construct Your Momentum Engine tailored to your specific needs, aligning with the way your business operates in addition to effectively working with your ideal clients. Each aspect is bespoke, with every step meticulously considered during implementation.

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Momentum Engine Dashboard

Your Momentum Engine Dashboard will effectively show the key metrics and data insights that are crucial for making informed decisions within your business. Identifying pipeline values, conversion rates, stage distribution and so much more.

Mobile App

The Momentum Engine app allows you to access your data from anywhere. You can get insights on everything from who you have contacted to live opportunities.

In addition, you can make calls, send emails and everything else, directly thought the app!

Contact Manager

Maintain a database of contacts and communication history between your team and prospects. Full clarity and a moments notice.

Built in Communication

From managing landlines to mobiles, handling emails to web chat, Your Momentum Engine empowers you to accomplish all these tasks seamlessly, delivering simplicity and clarity.

Reputation Management

Keep in control of your Reputation Manager - This monitors online platforms such as Google Reviews to  ensure we maintain a positive online presence and addressing any negative feedback or content that could potentially harm their reputation.

Automated Appointments

An automated appointment systems which includes:

Online Scheduling: Allowing customers or clients to book appointments online.

Calendar Integration: Syncing with the user's calendar to avoid double bookings and ensure availability.

Automated Reminders: Sending reminders via email, SMS, or other channels to reduce no-shows.

Self-Service: Allowing clients to reschedule or cancel appointments without needing to contact the business directly.

A Centralised Inbox

We bring all communication together into one central inbox to ensure you do not miss a thing. From messages through your Facebook page to the live chat.  

Customer Payments

Allow for Customers Payments right through The Momentum Engine (one off or recurring) and streamline your payment processes and improve customer experience. - Integrated with Stripe

The Momentum Engine

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Momentum Engine.

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Increase Conversion Rates
Deliver Long Term Nurturing
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Increased Automation, Less Labour, Less Errors.
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Working Hand in Hand With...

Media Production

Covering all forms of media production Saint can design, develop and print a range of media/marketing tools from brochures & portfolios to Site Hoarding and Marketing Suites.

Marketing Strategy

A vital component for business success. It evaluates strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to engage the right clients, adapting to the digital revolution and attracting top talent for competitive success.

Saint Sealed System

Thorough analysis of your customer journey to identify leaks and establish reinforcements and Key Performance Metrics while redeveloping your sales and marketing system to drive conversions.

Business Intelligence

We not only aim to win projects, we build long-term relationships that keep buyers, buying. Backed by Intelligence, We strive to unveil hidden potential and insights that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Public Relations

Build brand awareness with Public Relationship Development. Working in accordance with your SVO, we are able to arrange local sponsorships, public  engagement, crisis handling or even gain access to exclusive awards.

Social Targeting

Social Targeting through precise audience segmentation or geographical operation zones, we can get you seen again and again for effective engagement strategies for optimal outcomes.

Lead Generation

We'll find active projects with ready-to-purchase buyers matched to your briefing and delivery them directly to your inbox.

Email Blasts

Automate email blasts where Saint ensure targeted delivery, personalised content, and performance tracking, easing effective communication and engagement with stakeholders for maximum impact.

Social Values Officer

Build your Social Values Presence with a dedicated Social Values Officer. Whether is CSR, ESG or TOMs, Saint can align your Social Value profile in accordance with Tender or Contractor requirements.

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