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Why we started?

"Saint have a great passion for standing up for and promoting the construction industry!" We want to help the industry grow and prosper and we are putting the people and skillsets in place to deliver it!

Saint Construction Support runs with the purpose to serve the construction industry. The owners of SaintCS itself all coming from a construction background we have a very close connection to the industry. We have been helping the construction industry for years and now with the support of our ambassadors, we are providing a platform to help even more!

What do we do?

We provide support to people trying to come into the construction industry.

We strive to connect people with opportunities and help to drive individuals to reach their full potential. From connecting students to apprenticeships or helping people retrain with professional bodies and training schools.

We are working along side some fantastic Organisations, Associations & Societies in promoting the industry and helping deliver the next generation!

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Caitlin Minns

Saint Ambassador Patron

"We see the massive potential the construction industry has, we are putting the steps into place to encourage and promote the construction industry as a whole."

"We work with people across the UK and with the help of our ambassadors we have delivered something that works. We are working together to build brighter futures."

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Want to get started in Construction?

We are helping people across the UK take the next steps necessary in order to get into the construction industry. There are many people interested and alongside others, Saint are here to help you get started!

The construction industry is a great career, from people designing and creating to building and maintaining a wide range of environments like schools, homes, offices and infrastructure. The construction industry delivers a lot to our world!

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Want to become an ambassador?

We have built this entire foundation through the power of our Ambassadors who are the driving force of what we do.

Ambassadors take on the role of being a helping hand in the industry and their actions of help and generosity are promoted by Saint GlobalConstruction Insider Magazine.

Want to take your part in building a better future for the construction industry? Become a Saint Ambassador today!

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

We do not charge for those who require help nor to those looking to become an Ambassador.

We are a complete non-profit foundation. If however, you feel charitable and wish to make a donation, you can donate to our foundation here which is distributed to a selection of charities including the 1st Girl Brigades of Clacton!

Or scan this QR on your phone!

What's the purpose of Saint Ambassador?

We strive to achieve a brighter, stronger future for the construction industry and all of those looking to get started in it. We do this through the help of Ambassadors, people who give up their valuable time in order to create something better for the industry.

How do you help?

We try to help in every way possible. This includes helping with CV's, advising candidates on handling and presenting themselves when preparing for interviews, helping individuals reach new contacts and networks, guidance on the right qualifications and so much more. If anyone needs help regarding the construction industry, we believe that we can help in some way possible.

We also provide a mentoring program for all of our candidates and we celebrate their successes.

What does an ambassador have to do?

We understand that our Ambassadors are busy people. All that is asked of an Ambassador is if they can help by taking a short phone call or email (A flexible limit from 4 calls/emails per year) from a candidate that needs some advice. For example, if a candidate was enquiring about starting in the construction industry we will then connect them with someone who is within the trade with the ability to present tips, ideas and give them real insight before an interview for example. We handle all of the admin and are very grateful and respectful of any assistance provided by our Ambassadors.

Who can become an Saint Ambassador?

We are working with people who truly care about the construction industry and the future of it, we have an elaborate team of Ambassadors working passionately across the UK. We contact different ambassadors regarding different situations. We go through a robust and strict procedure of ensuring that the individuals are the right people to maintain a high quality and meaningful delivery to our candidates.

We have Ambassadors everywhere, from people who are on the tools of course but also Architects, Organisation, Associations, Societies, Builders Merchants, Manufacturers, Trade Groups, Plant Hire, anyone to do with the trade. We also have very important Directors, Managers and Office Staff who have years of valuable knowledge.

Our reach is not just young men and women, we look to help anyone who wants a change of career, be onsite or the back office.  

how does A Saint Ambassador Benefit?

Lots, a sense of helping and it's good to give. We provide an Ambassador pack which includes a personalised certificate and a signature icon. We then promote our ambassadors support with a Saint Spotlight interview which has the chance to be featured in Construction Insider Magazine. Saint Spotlight is a short quick-fire interview with questions such as how did you get into the industry or what advice would you give to your younger self. There are 5 questions and we have had some real fun with some of the Ambassadors responses.   

See an example of one of our Spotlight Interview with our 5 question.

Benefits for Ambassadors
• Recognition of your support to the construction industry.
• An Ambassador Certificate for you or your organisation
• Invitation to Saint Ambassador Foundation Events (SAFE).
• Start / Enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) journey - Now becoming a prerequisite of a company tender profile.
• Access to the renowned Saint Loyalty Club which offers free tickets, prizes, awards and more!
• Saint Ambassador signature badge.
• A place on the Saint Ambassador page promoting your positive impact on the construction industry.
• Opportunity to sponsor SAFE event - Your logo/branding is featured on event day t-shirts, stalls and programmes.
• Stand out and promote your organisation in a completely different way from your competitors and peers.
• Invitation to EcoConstruct
• A fun light-hearted 5 question interview about you & your organisation promoted in a Saint Spotlight article & Construction Insider Magazine.
• A dedicated Saint Press Officer to help highlight your activities, success stories and be on hand to help with any queries.
• Ability to award and nominate unsung passionate individuals to become a Saint Ambassador
• Use your MSA designatory letters giving you recognition showing your support to the industry.

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Saint Ambassador

Our Ambassadors

Saint Ambassador

Meet some of the Saint Ambassador Team

National Federation of Builders
An Interview with Danny Clarke CMIOSH

Danny Clarke CMIOSH

National Federation of Builders

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Andrew Parker


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AW Fire
An interview with Andrea White

Andrea White

AW Fire

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AW Fire Logo
Andrea White

a Spotlight Interview with Andrea White

"My name is Andrea White.  I’m a fire engineer and I’m delighted to become a Saint Ambassador and support others in the construction industry to take the next step in their careers."

Watch My Saint Spotlight InterviewView all Saint Ambassadors

Making a donation?

We appreciate and are really thankful for any donations that are made towards to foundation for the efforts of our Ambassadors. We run completely on the basis volunteered time contributed from our ambassadors which means that the funds that we receive are put directly towards a collection of charities that we believe in.

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