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Why do I need to have a discovery call?

This is to make sure we are the perfect match for each other from day one, it’s important that we know who you are, exactly what you need and what’s important to you before we get started.At Saint, we want to do more than just offer to do your tax returns, we want to offer you a solution to enable your business to grow for many more years to come. We focus on building long-term relationships and this is the first step in getting things moving The call is simply a chance for us to find out more about you, your business and what you can expect from working with Saint. Don’t worry, there’s no hard sell or obligation to sign up here.

Will it be clear from the start how much I will be charged?

We work on a fixed fee basis. Fees will be agreed during your proposal meeting and outlined in the letter of engagement. You will never be charged additional fees unless you ask for an additional service to be carried out. When we have decided which service is right for you, we will need to set you up with an ongoing monthly direct debit using our preferred payment gateway Go Cardless. We will take payment a month in advance. 

Do I have to come and meet you face to face to sign up to Saint?

Nope - it's all done electronically! Once you have your proposal and have accepted it via email, we can start our onboarding process!

What happens if I sign up with you part way through my financial year?

If you sign up with us part way through your financial year it is very likely that there will a catch-up of bookkeeping and accounts work to be done to get you up to date.   For example, if your financial year commences in April and you sign up with Saint in July, your first payment to us will be 4 x £monthly price to cover April, May, June and July.  Don't worry though. you can split your catch-up payment over the first three months of your contract if you like!  Once you're all up to date you will just pay your fixed monthly price.  

I'm completely happy with my accountant

If you’re 100% happy with your accountant then it might be difficult to make a decision to change. After all a really good accountant that fully understands your business doesn't come along very often!But please look carefully at what we offer and ask yourself whether your existing accountant is able to offer you the solution as we do.If they can’t, then maybe it is time to make that decision.However if you're still convinced your accountant is 100% right for your business though you're interested in everything else we have to offer, you can still get access to any of our other business improvement services

Changing accountants is really difficult

Nearly everyone thinks it's really difficult to change accountants - but we've made it simple. All it takes is one signature from you and we do the rest!

love what you're offering but I can't afford your fee's

We know we're not the cheapest company you can find - we don't aim to be! But we truly believe we are the best value you'll find anywhere.
Our purpose is to provide business owners clarity, if that’s to do with their numbers, website, marketing or just knowing your day to day tasks. Our vision is to create to one stop solution for businesses to give them the resources and understanding they need to enable growth and stability.

Will my information remain confidential?

We take client confidentiality very seriously. We are registered with the Information Commissioner and comply with the Data Protection Act. In addition, our terms and conditions offer you complete protection and we can sign a comprehensive Non-Disclosure Agreement if required. As apart of the AAT every member must follow the Code of Professional Ethics, one being Confidentiality.Our purpose is to provide business owners clarity, if that’s to do with their numbers, website, marketing or just knowing your day to day tasks. Our vision is to create to one stop solution for businesses to give them the resources and understanding they need to enable growth and stability.

Do i really need a website?

Yes! Word of mouth is a great marketing method, but regardless they will always search for your business online before making any purchases. An online presence gives your company credibility and boosts brand awareness. Plus, websites are an avenue for endless marketing strategies. including e-commerce, online customer service and customer engagement.

How do we grow our followers?

With a well-thought-out digital strategy, proper engagement, and the attention it needs. Frequent posts asking people to follow you is not a good strategy. Link to your social media accounts on your website, mailouts and email signature. Put your usernames on any literature or campaign materials that are produced. Get in on the conversation – use keywords and hashtags, and follow relevant users, to identify when your issue is being discussed, then join in. Be proactive! If you are starting out, consider using social media advertising to attract new followers.

Does email marketing still work?

Unlike social media platforms, emails are personal and individualized to your most loyal consumers. The email content is designed specifically for individuals who are interested in and have agreed to receive email communications from your company. Emails allow you to communicate directly with your audience, which can turn an interested user into an active consumer.

Is it easy to join Saint?

Very easy ! We take the time to have a short discovery call to see how we can help and advise you best on the many services Saint offer and are there to help you through the process.

What is it like working with Saint

Well we put the client at the centre of everything we do, the company has the same message drummed into all the way through. Client satisfaction is our goal!

We have added measures such as a Client Charter which means we work to a Letter of Engagement and also provide free of charge benefits such as:
- Quarterly Reporting
- Enrolment in the Saint Loyalty Club which provide free gifts & events
- Payment plans
- Regular contact.

Do you provide quotations for services

Yes, after your initial discovery call we then move into the proposal state, we build this with you, talking through the points of interest and then you have a fully informed quotation.

Is there any payment plans?

Yes,  Saint offer a no interstrest monthly plan on most of the services. Please contact your account manager to see if this will apply.

Did we miss your question? Drop us a line and we will
get back within 24 hours.

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