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We have created a library of eBooks available for you to download at no charge what so ever! These books are designed to provide useful insight and powerful techniques which you can implement into your business! Check them out.

Business Development

A Simple Guide to using TimeKeeper - Employee Edition

  • How to get your team started on TimeKeeper
  • How to clock in with TimeKeeper
  • Accessing your timesheet
  • How to clock in via Kiosk Mode
  • How to request time off in Timekeeper
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Business Development

Construction Business Start-up Checklist

✔ Should you be starting a business

✔ Market Research

✔ Business Plans

✔ How to setup

✔ Funding and Financing

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Virtual Assistants

Saint Virtual Assistant Brochure

✔ Construction Industry Specialist

✔ Scalable approach

✔ Built for your business

✔ Zero Obligation

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Saint Financial Group

The Construction Playbook

  • Preparation & Planning
  • Publication
  • Selection
  • Evaluation and Award
  • Contract Implementation
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The Construction Survival Guide 2022

✔ Exclusive insights from the construction industry on how to scale your business!

✔ Financial Advice to make the most out of your numbers from our Chief Financial Officer

✔ Time & Management Advice from the Head Manager of Saint Virtual Assistants.

✔ Media & Marketing Advice from the founder of Saint Global.

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Media & Marketing

Building the perfect LinkedIn profile!

✔ Represents the quality which you deliver

✔ Increases the chance of prospects approaching you

✔ Increases inbound sales enquiries

✔ Builds trust & credibility

✔ Establish your authority in the marketplace

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Media & Marketing

The Complete Logo Checklist

The complete checklist on ensuring your logotype is truly representing your business for the value that you deliver!

✔ Hierarchy

✔ Legibility

✔ Styling

✔ And much more!

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Ultimate A-Z Business Expense Guide

✔ Find out what expenses are deductible and those which are not! 

✔ Tax Relief

✔ An all inclusive A-Z guide

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Brexit VAT Changes! What You Need To Know

✔ What has changed

✔ The impact among businesses

✔ Importing & exporting goods to the EU

✔ Employee travel within the EU

✔ Trading between Great Britain and Northern Ireland

✔ And much more - Check it out! 🕊

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Your Covid-19 Tax Checklist

✔ Tax Efficient Funding

✔ Cashflow from Tax Advice & Reliefs

✔ Innovation Reliefs - Creative Tax Reliefs


✔ Future Tax Planning

✔ Research & Development

✔ And much more!

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Starting A Business - A Simple Guide

✔ What is a business plan?

✔ What type of businesses are there?

✔ Do I need business insurance?

✔ Do I need an accountant?

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