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In-depth Industry Knowledge.
A Tailored Approach for Evert Prospect.
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You do your best work while we do the hard work

Discover New Opportunities.

We'll find active projects with ready-to-purchase buyers matched to your briefing.

Relationships, Built for Life.

We not only try to win projects, we build long-term relationships that keep buyers, buying.

Real People, Real Value

We contact real people and deliver real long-term value to your business. Turning potential Tenders round with multi-year contracts.

A Hyper-Focused Approach

Each lead is unique, so that's how we deal with them! From the QS to End Client, we contact every lead with precision.

Prospecting Experts

We know how to cut through the noise. Intent-based campaigns use multiple channels to connect with your audience wherever they might be.

Constant Optimisation

Your team continually optimise your campaigns based on your feedback, lead conversion and business goals. You have total transparency and are always in control.





Back by Intelligence

Our team of research analysts conducts an extensive array of intelligence and investigative work in order to reveal hidden opportunities within every relationship.

We strive to unveil hidden potential and insights that may otherwise go unnoticed. Our commitment to thorough scrutiny enables us to provide valuable information and strategic recommendations, empowering our clients to make informed decisions and capitalise on untapped opportunities.

A Multi-Pronged Approach

Email Prospecting

Enhance your outreach with our Email Prospecting Solutions. We meticulously craft tailored email campaigns for your ideal clientele. Whether it's a general introduction or getting onto a PSL, our expert team ensures personalisation and precision within every email.  Elevate your communication and drive results with our strategic approach.

Direct Letters

Highly personalised direct letter campaigns to qualified prospects. Letters are coordinated with existing campaigns for a highly memorable and professional introduction.

Direct Calls

Through direct communication, we build trust, gather valuable insights, and foster long-lasting relationships that drive business success.

Leaflet Distribution

We deploy a targeted approach across your operation zones. Through meticulous planning and efficient distribution, we amplify your brand message, generating increased visibility and engagement within the desired demographic.

LinkedIn Outreach

Expand your LinkedIn presence and engage with buyers naturally with coordinated LinkedIn Outreach. We send tailored connection messages to prospects making outreach more powerful connective and natural, building your network and driving consistent results.


Add gifts to target high-value accounts. Stand out from the crowd and take the personalised outreach to the next level, with everything from a bottle of champagne to planting a tree.

How it works


Tell us what you are looking for. From ideal client to volume of leads, we build our solutions around you.


We develop a well-organised plan to assess how we will enter the market in collaboration with you.


Intelligence is what makes BiD works, we find hidden contacts, deals and opportunities to excel your business.


Relationship Development is key, we are not here for cold calls, we're here to build long-term relationships.


Transparency and clarity are embedded in everything, from each interaction to every lead.

fully Operation within your Company Name

Our dedicated team operates under your brand name. We take pride in representing your company with utmost professionalism and commitment, undertaking the essential tasks of reaching out to potential leads and cultivating robust relationships on your behalf. Through our strategic approach, we strive to convey the values and ethos of your brand, ensuring that each interaction contributes to the positive growth and development of your business.

Working Hand in Hand With...

The Momentum Engine

Become incomparable with your own Momentum Engine that consolidates your marketing, streamlines communication, and drives consistent results.

Media Production

Covering all forms of media production Saint can design, develop and print a range of media/marketing tools from brochures & portfolios to Site Hoarding and Marketing Suites.

Marketing Strategy

A vital component for business success. It evaluates strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to engage the right clients, adapting to the digital revolution and attracting top talent for competitive success.

Saint Sealed System

Thorough analysis of your customer journey to identify leaks and establish reinforcements and Key Performance Metrics while redeveloping your sales and marketing system to drive conversions.

Public Relations

Build brand awareness with Public Relationship Development. Working in accordance with your SVO, we are able to arrange local sponsorships, public  engagement, crisis handling or even gain access to exclusive awards.

Social Targeting

Social Targeting through precise audience segmentation or geographical operation zones, we can get you seen again and again for effective engagement strategies for optimal outcomes.

Lead Generation

We'll find active projects with ready-to-purchase buyers matched to your briefing and delivery them directly to your inbox.

Email Blasts

Automate email blasts where Saint ensure targeted delivery, personalised content, and performance tracking, easing effective communication and engagement with stakeholders for maximum impact.

Social Values Officer

Build your Social Values Presence with a dedicated Social Values Officer. Whether is CSR, ESG or TOMs, Saint can align your Social Value profile in accordance with Tender or Contractor requirements.

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"The interconnectivity of Saints services is flawless. What felt like, let's face it, an absolute mess has now formed into a perfectly running business."

Home Refurbishment Firm
Company Director

"Saints expertise in marketing, social media, and content creation has been invaluable in helping us to build our brand and grow our business."

Civil Engineering
Head of Sales

"I have had the pleasure of working with Saint Global Marketing on a number of occasions, and I can confidently say that they are one of the best marketing agencies I have ever worked with."

Electrical Installation Outfit
Director of Sales & Marketing

"Consistent support and solutions from the Saint team from day one! No matter what idea I had, the Saint team was always there to help me turn it into reality."

Facilities Management
Company Director

"The Saint team really took a unique approach to understanding my business and my clients."

Property Development Firm
Finance & Accounts Director

"Saint is a fantastic agency who really understood what my business was and more importantly, how to position me in front of my clients."

Office Fit-Out Firm
Company Director
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