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Business Lifecycle

Start-up Business

The Standard level for tax consultancy is salary and dividends planning, calculating the perfect split to make sure business owners get paid as tax efficiently as they can!

Small Business

Exploring the different ways to tax efficiently put things through your business or take value out of the business to benefit the business owner

Growing Business

As the business grows, you can look to maximise your takings, invest in the business and want to mitigate chargeable profits to corporation tax the right way.

Expanding Business

The business may now be disposing of assets and reinvesting to expand. The structure of the business may need to be considered to better facilitate expansion whether in the UK or overseas.

Concluding Business

Circa 3 years + in advance of any of the aforementioned, undertaking a review to think ahead. This is the full 360 review!


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We’ll restructure as necessary and consider future tax advice to give you every chance of success

Take Control Of Your Tax Position

Our unique approach to helping you understand and take control of your tax position will free up cash in your business and ensure you’re never paying more than you should!

Tax Consultancy

This is a Tax Review where we will look at your overall affairs & motives and apply the tax legislation to your situation, to see where you may benefit from advice in the future

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Tax Advice

On the back of a tax review we deliver the work or planning that will improve your tax position, make future savings, or get cash back into your business.

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Business Tax

Business Taxation needs to be structured within your business strategies in order to fully capitalise on every tax opportunity in advance. This helps with being tax efficient plus it can be a massive boost to your cashflow position.

- We can help cover all corporate tax issues and compliance to avoid any future issues

- Based on your financial profile we can design an efficient and effective tax strategy for your business to achieve optimal tax management.

- Detailed tax diagnostic review discovering hidden tax opportunities

- Tax-planning

- Research & Development

- Keeping you in line with government guidelines.

- Full 360 Business Tax Review

- Disaster recovery plan

Indirect Tax

The most common Indirect Tax is VAT and is probably the one that causes the most stress for business owners. In light of this, we have an effective Tax solution to handle indirect taxes you face everyday.

- VAT Registration

- Specific issues or one-off activities

- Assistance with partial exemption methods or special VAT schemes

- Performing VAT diagnostics to identify any potential risks and opportunities

- VAT recovery position, including partial exemption methods

- Special accounting schemes, such as the flat rate or cash accounting schemes

Personal Tax

This solution is for sophisticated High Net Worth individuals or successful business owners or individuals with property portfolio who want to take control of their tax position.

- Estate & Retirement Planning

- Inheritance Tax Planning

- Capital Gains Tax planning

- Investments (Share Schemes)

- Full 360 Individual Tax Review

Business owners are so focused on working on their business and building the value in their business, they often forget to build, plan, structure and protect their wealth they have created!

We work with you to provide clear tax planning strategies, to make you tax efficient as you can be and to help retain your wealth within the government rules.

Tax Investigation Protection

You are not able to prevent HMRC from raising an investigation but you can prepare for one with our HMRC defence package.

- Up to £100,000 of our fees covered

- Full representation to HMRC on your behalf, including handling correspondence and interaction plus attending any HMRC meetings.

- A robust defence against HMRC, providing comfort and peace of mind

- Someone on your side ensuring the inspector is only asking for relevant information and documents.

- We can argue on your behalf on any complex or technical cases that are raised during the enquiry, our defence package is designed to get you the best result.

The HMRC defence package can assist with:
Tax Returns | Capital Gains Tax | Inheritance Tax | PAYE | IR35 | VAT | CIS

What To Expect

Like what you're seeing? Here’s a bit more on what to expect when we deliver the review service:


Tax Diagnostic Analysis

The more we know about you and your business the more we are able to help. There will be minimal disruption to you as we do all the background work to ensure you and your team are not disrupted.


Clarity Call

On a brief call to discuss the findings of the report, clarifying any required details, so we can produce the final report and recommendations for action.


Final Report

We will produce the final report and recommendations for action, including estimated tax savings and quotes for the delivery of any tax advice.


Action Meeting

In the meeting we’ll provide a detailed report, action summary and present our recommendations to take forward the tax advice identified for you and your business.

Living Proof

Saint is a hidden gem!

"As usual very helpful, nothing is too much trouble and the end result better than I could imagine!

The tax review was game changing for our business, it allows us to plan tax opportunities around the direction of our business to be as efficient as we can with Saint’s help."

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