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Introducing The Saint's Dashboard

Make Decisions With Confidence

Every business is different, that's why we work with you to understand your business objectives and use this to  identify the financial and non-financial metrics you need to see to give you a fuller understanding of your business. Say goodbye to manual reporting and hello to automation while unlocking the power of your data with The Saint's Dashboard. Our analytics platform brings it all together

Strategic, insightful analysis of your everyday numbers

Saint Dashboard offers insight into your business performance from finance to social media analytics providing a unique and visual approach helping business owners make informed forward-thinking decisions.

Tailored 100% to your business

We work with you by understanding your business objectives in order to show you the important key information you need to see to based on your current circumstances.

A Single Truth For All Your Data

Our reports will empower fast, effective, data-driven decisions by measuring, tracking, and sharing your metrics and KPIs keeping your team aligned and on track while providing valuable insights for you.

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The Saint Way

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Clarity & Peace of mind

having everything in one place

KPI's built around you

Giving you the insight into your business needs

Confidence & Informed

Insights into each area of your business

Powerful Strategic Analytics

Data that helps plan for the future of your business

Goals Achieved

KPI’s linked with your long term goals

Visually Designed

Seeing what truly matters with ease

Connecting Your Data

Connect to multiple data sources at once. Whether your data lives in the cloud, spreadsheets, on-premise servers, or anywhere else, our 100s of pre-built connectors and REST API have you covered.

Make Decisions
With Confidence.

Our customers love The Saint's Dashboard because it brings focus, agility, and confidence to their work. It's for people who take action and get results. Sound like you?

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Boundaries are there to be pushed.

Saint Financial Group unique position allows business owners to have access to a variety of services in one place. This would only be available if you employed a member of staff in each position (very expensive!).

And we haven’t stop at just providing the service, we want you to have the insight into your business that large corporations have every day, this is why Saint Dashboard is at the centre of what we do.

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