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As an innovative business, we are always on the hunt for new tech & products to bring our business to another level. This page is always up-to-date for our favourites

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💵 Finance

Capital on Tap

We are proud to be working with Capital on Tap!

At Saint we are always looking for the best solution to advance our business, the services we offer and the support we can offer to our clients. One of the areas we spent time researching and testing was business credit cards!

It’s Capital on Tap’s mission to make running a business as easy as possible and that’s why we partnered with them. Here are some of their main benefits;
1. Uncapped 1% Cashback
2. Extend Your Cashflow
3. Unlimited Company Cards
4. Credit Limits of up to £250,000
5. Directly integrates with Xero!

Capital on Tap works perfectly with the Construction Industry and as one of their approved partners we can provide £150 free credit when you start spending using our link or promo code 2REFD992X81.

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📚 Books

Starting a business - A Simple Guide (Saint Financial Group)

Of course, we had to recommend our own 🕊

You might be considering starting a business or you may have already started - either way this something great! This could be the stepping stone for taking control of your life. When starting a business there several areas that need to be considered. With a business, you get the perks of being your own boss but this also means you have the responsibility now. Our guide is to take care of the uncertainties for you and to give you peace of mind on starting your new business.

You can pick this up for free here
Or support us on Amazon for only £0.99!

The products recommended are tried and tested by Saint Financial Group, however the reader is advised to do their own research before making any purchase