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🛠 Our Recommendations

As an innovative business, we are always on the hunt for new tech & products to bring our business to another level. This page is always up-to-date for our favourites

What to expect

🔐 Security


The #1 trusted VPN holdings servers worldwide (160 locations), allowing you to connect safely and instantly keeping your information is protected. Internet providers (and the government) within the UK have access to any data that is transmitted between you and the online world. However this did not sell us on it straight away.

So we got with some of the coding experts within out media & marketing department, just to see how easy it is to intercept the data being transferred between the staff's devices and we was shocked, using tools such as Wireshark we was able to grab information from between two of our staff computers from an external device that is was never meant to receive.

ExpressVPN allows for you to transmit your data securely whether you are on a secure network, open network or just out in public. We have since installed ExpressVPN onto every device (including routers) to ensure any data being passed within SaintFG is kept secure.

Get started with ExpressVPN here

📚 Books

Starting a business - A Simple Guide (Saint Financial Group)

Of course we had to recommend our own 🕊

You might be considering starting a business or you may have already started - either way this something great! This could be the stepping stone for taking control of your life. When starting a business there several areas that need to be considered. With a business, you get the perks of being your own boss but this also means you have the responsibility now. Our guide is to take care of the uncertainties for you and to give you peace of mind on starting your new business.

You can pick this up for free here
Or support us on Amazon for £0.99

Show Your Work! (Austin Kleon)

We wish to recommend this book to anyone to anyone in the creative industry (of any sort) or even anyone within business or entrepreneurship, you should ready this book! It shows you that you don't need to be an expert to share your work, beginners are the best at helping other beginners!

Key points of the book 🥇
- Get comfortable with sharing your thoughts and work online
- Get comfortable with putting yourself "out there"
- Gives you the stepping stone and courage to make the step you would have never done!

You can pick this up at Amazon

💻 Tech


The iPad Pro 12.9 inch (or other) is a daily driver for many of our clients and used to effectively communicate ideas, challenges and progress.

The iPad gives our clients a simple solution to see progress within their business:
- Access client portals
- Access client data storage drives
- Keep up to date with emails, etc
- Have apps such as Google Docs and Sheets to share information with the team at a click of a button (perfectly pairs with the Magic Keyboard)

Apple Pencil

The Apple pencil gives you the freedom to bring your creativity to your work - Our media team loves the Apple pencil, but so do we all! The Apple pencil is a great little tool for taking down notes, drawing flow chart, showing ideas effectively, I could go on forever! Here are some of the best features of the Apple pencil in our eyes:

- Palm rejection | Most cheaper versions of the Apple pencil do not have this - We have tried a range of products and accidentally resting your palm on the screen will send your work into a modern art attempt
- Precision | Precise the the very pixel
- Simple Pairing | No need for Bluetooth fuss, making pairing a breeze.
- Pressure sensitivity | The amount of pressure you apply will effect the writing or drawing giving you great control of your document.

The products recommended are tried and tested by Saint Financial Group, however the reader is advised to do their own research before making any purchase