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Virtual finance Team for
business owners in the construction industry

Meeting with your accountant once a year is not enough. We pride ourselves on being there for you during the good times and the more challenging times. Our Virtual Finance Team can help your business grow and help you sleep better at night knowing where your construction business is at and what direction it is going.

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About us

We help you understand the key drivers behind your business and give you powerful, insightful information at your fingertips to make the informed business decisions.

More importantly we are ex-trade, we understand the industry and what truly matters.

• Provide Clarity to your numbers
• Control of your business and finances
• To realise your business potential
• Specialised within the construction industry!

About You

Modern, ambitious construction company, that wants to reach personal and business goals.

• Create a business that works for you
• Control and understanding of your numbers
• Want your business to grow or be more profitable
• Access to a full finance team that care about your business

The office - About you

How It Comes Together

Saint is able to provide sophisticated solutions to provide the foundations for your business to plan a long term future over.

• Fully functioning finance function
• Insights & Reports
• Tax Support & Reviews
• Time to discuss how to strategies the next stage of planning for growth and profit
• Achieving personal and business goals together

Boss Baby  - Laugh to serious

Your Virtual Finance Team

We are able to offer you the services used by large companies at the fraction of the cost. Making your construction business efficient and competitive while saving £100,000’s in potential employee costs. Saint work alongside your business and understand your industry, your business and your numbers.

Our Services

Stress Free Statutory Accounts

Out of 5 Unaudited financial statements prepared by entrepreneurs, 4 turned out the be incorrect

Who needs statutory accounts?

- You are a director for a limited company
- Your company is active or trading
- Your accounts are due

For more information take a look at our blog on Statutory Accounts.

A simple solution to your accounts

1. Value Added Service

We help our clients to understand their business position with access to a free business development manager and quarterly reporting! We only deal with businesses that are within the construction industry so you know you are in safe hands.

2. Prompt Delivery

We proactively try to complete your tax returns and accounts within a month of receiving the relevant information so you can be in the best position as possible around your tax affairs. We don’t wait until the filing deadline to make things happen.

3. Tax Efficient

We actively pursue every legal avenue we can to always make you as tax efficient as you can be. In most cases your investment is covered by the amount we save you!

4. Never Miss A Deadline

We are constantly thinking about what’s next - No more running around last minute trying to get things ready for HMRC or worrying about any possible fines!

5. Peace of Mind

Handing over your requirements to an accountant should provide you peace of mind that you are in safe hands. This is why we really strive to understand  you and your business & build a trusting and lasting relationship with you. We put the client first in everything we do.

Great Businesses Have Great Bookkeepers

Small business owners spend roughly 15 hours per week on financial admin?

Who needs bookkeeping?

- You need regular bank reconciliations
- Your account needs to be brought up to date
- You are unsure how to account for your business transactions

Saving you the time from Bookkeeping

Benefits of Bookkeeping

Some of the many benefits of bookkeeping include:

• Your financial records kept in accordance with all the necessary regulations
• Accurate recording of transactions making financial analysis more detailed and meaningful
• Fraud-detection - anything that’s unusual or out of the ordinary will be picked up
• Reliable insight into financial trends, as well as profits and losses
• Never lose another penny over administrative error!

At the end of the day, the way your tax is calculated is based on the bookkeeping you have done throughout the year. If your books have been poorly managed you are likely to be paying more tax than you should be!

How We Take The Stress Away

1. Send us all your documents via receipt capture or our portal

2. We handle your bookkeeping transaction on a daily basis so you have reliable information at your fingertips everyday!

3. Then we can use this to produce accurate management accounts and year ends.

That’s it, it’s that simple.

Award-Winning Bookkeeping Software

Using Quickbooks and Xero allows you to keep up to speed and use over 800 different software add-ons to make your business more efficient and take advantage of automation.

• No need to retain paper records as it is all stored in the cloud.
• We can easily access your paperwork so you have more time to focus on your business
• All you documents are easily accessible.

What can you send to us?

We’ll take care of all the financial affairs of your business. To save yourself getting into a financial muddles, you can send us all via your client portal:

• Sales invoices and records of income
• Purchase invoices and receipts for expenses
• Bank statements and loan statements
• Details of payments made to employees
• Details of Debtors and Creditors
• Other little cash details

Our Expert Bookkeeping Service

• Highly Efficient Bookkeeping
• Xero Certified
• Quickbooks Certified
• Fully Qualified Bookkeepers

Payroll, Made Easy

Small businesses spend roughly six hours per month sorting their own payroll, this is time you can’t afford to waste.

Who needs Payroll?:

- You are registered HMRC employer
- You have an active payroll
- You pay your employees a wage, including any benefits in kind
- If you are in the construction industry scheme, we can also help here

Saint Payroll, saving you time and money

Making Payroll Easy For You

Our online payroll services are really simple.

• Send us all the necessary documents online.
• We calculate your payroll
• Your staff payslips are accessible for your employees in their own secure portal
• We let you know what to pay your staff
• We let you know what to pay HMRC
• We’ll handle the RTI submissions to HMRC for you
• Digital payslips and self-service portal for your team

Pension & Auto Enrolment

Auto Enrolment is a compulsory legal requirement for anyone employing one or more members of staff.

We can provide help with every step of the way with implementation, communication and ongoing auto-enrolment responsibilities.

Construction Industry Scheme

The CIS has special rules in place for subcontractors who work in the construction industry and how payments must be handled.

We can help by:
- Registering you with HMRC as a contractor
- Verify your subcontractors with HMRC
- Ensure you pay your subcontractors within the scheme
- Supply deductions statements to the subcontractors via online portal
- Keep your records in good order and supply HMRC with monthly returns.

Fully Compliant

Payroll submissions and deadlines can get overwhelming however we can help you be fully compliant.

- RTI Compliance
- P11Ds
- P45s
- P60s
- Auto-Enrolment

Or just advice in general, we can help take care of everything for you.

Online Portal

With our payroll solution, we can provide all your employees access to their own portal where they can access of their payslips or any necessary forms.

Even for your construction sub-contractors (CIS) we can provide them an online portal where they can access their statement of deduction each month - giving you one less thing to think about!

Keeping VAT Simple

Business owners spend on average 44 hours a year on the VAT administration!

Who needs VAT assistance?:

- You are VAT registered and you are a sole trader
- Your company is VAT registered
- You wish to register your business for VAT
- You need advice on VAT

Simple VAT solutions

How we work with you

Leaving your VAT to us means you can feel reassured it’s done both quickly and correctly - so you have more time to focus on your business.

• We carefully process your bookkeeping and check that everything is in order
• We ensure all the VAT your business has been charged is claimed for
• We will keep you updated on those dreaded deadlines, so you don’t have to worry about being caught out.
• You pay exactly what you need to. Nothing more, nothing less
• Your VAT returns correct and accurate
• We’re always available to address any concerns or queries you may have
• VAT becomes an easy and manageable part of your tax payments, rather than a stressful addition.

MTD Approved

We are fully accredited and Making Tax Digital (MTD) compliant using Xero and Quickbooks.


There are penalties for late registration, errors, late VAT returns and late payments plus interest can also be charged on top of this.

Allowing us to take care of your affairs will give you peace of mind AND means you will avoid wasting your hard earned cash on any penalties or interest!

VAT Health Checks

VAT even for the most diligent businesses is easy to make mistakes. Our VAT health check aims to give your business peace of mind that it is compliant with all relevant rules, as well as highlighting opportunities for VAT savings and efficiencies.

We review:
• VAT accounting processes and systems
• The liability of income streams
• VAT recovery position, including partial exemption methods
• VAT calculations and submissions
• Specific issues or one-off activities
• Special accounting schemes, such as the flat rate or cash accounting schemes

Dealing with HMRC

Once we become your agent to handle your VAT needs, we will take care of any correspondence with HMRC on your behalf.

Getting Control Of Your Money

56% of businesses experienced cash flow problems due to poor credit control and 20% are waiting 60+ days for their money

Who needs credit control?:

- You want to a strong credit control procedure put in place
- You want to improve your current credit control system
- Your customers are not paying you when the payment is due
- You need help managing overdue payments

Customers not paying when they should is overwhelming, we keep on top of that for you.

Implementing Credit Control

Credit Control is generally overlooked by small businesses and this is where the difference can be from staying up and going under.

Having an effective credit control process is a must.

Where We Can Help

We can offer your business a strong credit control procedure and the essential follow ups via email or phone call to help speed up the process of your unpaid debt. We can also help with the next stages of escalation if the customer is still refusing

Your own Credit control function

Working with a credit control company can provide an extra layer of defense for your business, our credit control process will be carried out ethically in all scenarios.

Peace of Mind

Allowing Saint to manage and chase your payments will keep your mind at ease knowing you have a credit control team helping you to get cash back into your business.

Upgrade the way you pay.

78% of business owners admitted to paying supplier invoices late

Who needs payment runs?

- Lack of time to keep on top of payments to suppliers or staff
- Want an extra layer of security
- Reduce the chance of human error
- Gain flexibility when dealing with tight payment deadlines

Providing efficient and accurate payment runs!

Reduce Your Margin For Error

We can link your payment runs to your Xero account to automatically extract the invoices that are ready for payment. Even with your employees, we can pull through the information straight from the payroll software and if any employee is updated such as bank details or name this will be flagged up for you.

Additional Protection

• Separate holding accounts giving you additional protection
• Allow safe access to employees outside of your finance team
• Limit the funds available to your team
• Hold funds like a bank account

For every company we create a unique account number and sort code. This means you can use your account like a business bank account along as it is funded from an account in your business name.

Keeping Up With Tight Deadlines

• Gain flexibility when dealing with tight payment deadlines
• Make payments 24/7 including bank holidays
• No payment cut off times
• Bank payment files have no expiry
• Make instant payments

All payments sent will be using the faster payment scheme meaning they will instantly arrive in your recipients bank account.

You can receive CHAPS, Bacs, or Faster Payments into your account. .

Receive Bounce Back Warnings

When a payment is sent to an account that has been closed or the bank details are incorrect, the creator of the payrun will receive a flag of the payment bounce back.

On the dashboard you are then able to see what pay run and which exact payment bounced back.

Draft Payments Without Funds

You aren’t required to have funds in your account before you can start creating pay runs.

If a pay runs scheduled date is reached but funds aren’t in the account, we simply move the payments to awaiting funds. Once funds arrive we automatically send the payments.

Future proof your business!

Our Accountancy Service is not only Compliance work, we focus on getting the right technology and systems in place to help you operate smoothly, access to real time information as and when you need it.

Step 1

Move you onto Xero (Our preferred accounting software)

Step 2

Get the right apps for your business (automation)

Step 3

Access your business information in real time(Insight)

Convert to Xero

Converting has never been easier!

Xero Training

1-2-1 or group training

Zapier Integration

Getting your apps to work together!

App Review

With over 800+ Apps integrated with Xero we help you make the right choice

Finance Function Review

See where you could improve your internal finances

Xero Optimisation

Already using Xero? Let's see where you could improve!

Free Xero Healthcheck

Bookkeeping is at the heart of your financial information. If you have poor quality bookkeeping, you will have poor quality information which ultimately leads to bad decision making.

What Is a Xero Health Check?

The Xero Healthcheck is like an MRI scan of your whole Xero account. We are able to Identify any errors, duplicates or omissions.

This will give you complete insight into the improvements that are needed to ensure your financial information is of high quality.

Why Do You Need A Xero Healthcheck?

We can check for:
- If your Xero account has been set up correctly
- If information has been entered correctly (if not this can lead to incorrect financials and tax returns)
- If transactions have been reconciled and coded correctly
- You want to receive an action plan of how to make your Xero account better

How We Support Construction Businesses.

1. Review Your Data

Our work starts from your accounting software and for us to help your construction business, your bookkeeping needs to be up to scratch. This is where we will identifying any initial root causes to your business, identifying possible solutions and working on the services you have chosen.

2. Learn About You

We find out the goals you want to achieve personally and for your business. We learn how your business performs, the different functions that are being carried out, identifying any bottlenecks and use financial analysis to see potential risks or areas of improvement.

3. Powerful insight

We identify the key drivers behind your business and implementing strategies to provide a solid foundation for many years to come. Saint can become as involved or as little as you need, our end goal is achieving the goals we planned at the very beginning and all the ones along the way.

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A modern solution to growing your construction business.

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