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You didn't get into business to spend time filling out dreaded tax returns and inputting endless piles of receipts. We are passionate about letting business get their visions back on track, spending your time more meaningfully, growing your business and spending more time with loved ones.

Our goal is for you to stop having to bury your business potential under piles of books and receipts, because why should you!

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How we are helping

Saint Financial Group


Getting you back all that lost time chewing on pencils. We both know this time could be better invested, literally anywhere!



Keeping your focus on your business is so important. We cannot stress that enough. Don't let your attention get lost from your core business needs.



Owning a business comes with benefits, freedom being one of them. We are helping business owners regain their sense of freedom and embrace the vision which they had when starting their business

Worry Free


between traveling, running your business, spending time with family you don't need the addition of having forgotten to complete and tax return to put out daily fires that pop up.


This is where is all starts

Bookkeeping & Period end close

Tax illustration

Bookkeeping is time-consuming; let us look after all your daily, weekly or monthly processing by performing bookkeeping, reconciliations, journals and other close period activities to give you a proper cut off so your information will be accurate, timely and meaningful.

- Your time regained
- Up to date
- Insightful information at your finger tips
- Utilising Technology

We have left behind the old traditional values of paper based accounting and have become completely digital and cloud based using modern solutions such as Xero, QuickBooks & Receipt capture technology.

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Innovative Receipt Scanning

Gone are the times of sifting through bags of receipts. The process has been simplified! Simply take a photo on your smart phone and and we can do the rest!


Lets put everything in check


We will complete your annual financial statements complying with UK company requirements and we can submit this on your behalf, making the process short and sweet!

With our Annual Financial Statements, you will receive a complementary annual accounts review.

From Sole Traders to Limited Companies and all in between, we have the solution!

AnnualStatements illustration

Payroll, cis & hr management

Bored of doing payroll?

Hand it over to us and we will ensure HMRC will have everything they need and your employees are happy! Employees will have access to an online portal where they can view all their payslips and access to any forms they need.

We can handle your monthly CIS submissions to HMRC and your sub-contractors even get access to their own portal too! They can see their breakdown showing tax deducted and have access to their monthly CIS certificate that is required each month automatically.

You can take this step further and add our payment run service for a smooth process

Payment run

Clear management and peace of mind

Need help making payments runs to your suppliers or employees? We aim to manage our finance function in the most advanced ways.

We can manage your payment run with a bespoke workflow with clear separation of duties leaving you to just authorise the payment!

No bank account access is needed and doesn't require any bank mandates.

We will take the payment workload away from you, saving you time you could be using on your business!

Payment run

Credit management

Don't lose money, when you don't have to

Credit Management is often neglected and overlooked but is almost always an area which causes problems within a business.

We will target consistently late payers within your company providing a human touch unlike some automated functions.

This will ensure the cash is back in your company which is rightfully yours -  Let Saint chase your payments

Piggy bank illustration


Making VAT simple

We can prepare your VAT returns, keeping you well aware of your VAT liabilities and keeping the VAT-man happy!

We are not just filing a bunch of numbers, we take a 6 step approach to our VAT return service ensuring our clients are receiving a high standard of service.
VAT can be very confusing. Failure to comply with your VAT obligations can result in fines and other issues. Our team can ensure that you’re getting the most out of VAT, without paying over the odds.

Taking time out to discuss what is happening in your business is essential to give you clarity about your future and enables us to support you in the best way possible

Your business goals and how to achieve them

How they reflect on your personal and lifestyle goals

Understand the key drivers in your business

Issues & challenges you are facing within your business

How you can work with us to achieve these.

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