Payment Run from Construction Businesses

Upgrade your payment process and reduce errors, gain flexibility, and enhance security with our revolutionary solution.

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Payment Run from Construction Businesses

Say goodbye to the hassle of payment runs and embrace a more efficient and secure process. Our system caters to the needs of busy professionals who struggle with time management, crave an extra layer of security, and aim to reduce the chance of error.

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Upgrade the way you pay.

78% of business owners admitted to paying supplier invoices late

Who needs payment runs?

- Lack of time to keep on top of payments to suppliers or staff
- Want an extra layer of security
- Reduce the chance of human error
- Gain flexibility when dealing with tight payment deadlines

1. Reduce your margin for error

We can link your payment runs to your Xero account to automatically extract the invoices that are ready for payment. Even with your employees, we can pull through the information straight from the payroll software and if any employee is updated such as bank details or name this will be flagged up for you.

2. Additional Protection

For every company we create a unique account number and sort code. This means you can use your account like a business bank account along as it is funded from an account in your business name.

3. Keep up with Tight Deadlines

All payments sent will be using the faster payment scheme meaning they will instantly arrive in your recipients bank account.You can receive CHAPS, Bacs, or Faster Payments into your account.

4. Receive Bounce Back Warnings

When a payment is sent to an account that has been closed or the bank details are incorrect, the creator of the payrun will receive a flag of the payment bounce back.

On the dashboard you are then able to see what pay run and which exact payment bounced back.

5. Draft Payments without Funds

You aren’t required to have funds in your account before you can start creating pay runs.

If a pay runs scheduled date is reached but funds aren’t in the account, we simply move the payments to awaiting funds. Once funds arrive we automatically send the payments.

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At Saint Financial Group we are able to provide businesses with a wide selection of services. Our sophisticated solution allows your business the breathing space for you to take the business to the next level.


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