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We are working with construction businesses across the UK to support and facilitate funding acquisition.

We delve into the intricate details of your business to identify the essential factors for maximising its overall value. Whether your aim is to secure funding for asset acquisition, explore additional opportunities, or transition to a new venture, we are here to provide you with comprehensive support.

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SaintFG - Equity


Get connected with business angels, venture capital investors and crowdfunding investors, and find equity investors via government initiatives.

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SaintFG - Grants


Cut the time you’d spend wandering in the maze of grants. Lengthy searches? They’re history – We will find you the most relevant grant funding.

SaintFG Savings


We’ve worked with our partners to serve up some of the best deals on everyday expenses like banking, insurance and energy.

SaintFG Loans


Which loan is right for you? We will sift through offers from mainstream banks and alternative lenders to find the right combinations for your business.

How it works

Creating Your Funding Profile

This will ensure all of your financial solutions we find are tailored specifically to your business. By linking your bank account you will have access to your bespoke expenditure and savings report.

Saint Finance
Funding Requirements
Your Funding Requirements

The type of funding, amount and activities you would like to fund. The more we understand the slicker the process will be. If Saint are currently handling your financials, we will be able to handle the majority of the required information for you.

Get Matched To Your Funding Opportunities

We will keep track of your options as your circumstances change to ensure you are matched with the most relevant solutions across loans (and other lending), equity investments and grants.

Funding for construction businessesFunding for construction businesses
Staying On Track

Once your finance is secured, we can help you plan and track your targets, budgets and growth performance so you can stay on track to achieving your goals.

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What Can Funding Mean for you?

We understand that every business has unique funding needs. That's why we take a personalised approach to develop funding solutions that are tailored precisely to your requirements.

Whether you're looking for capital to expand your operations, invest in new technology, or address cash flow challenges, we have the expertise and flexibility to provide the financing options that best fit your exact circumstances.

Invoice Financing

Cash in hand to help you manage your everyday business expenses.

• Helps you manage slow payers
• Frees up funds for growth
• Reduces stress on cashflow

Supplier Finance

Funds to help you increase your capacity and fulfil new orders.

• Help you seek new contracts
• Settles suppliers’ bills promptly
• Extends your buyers payment terms

Order Finance

Swift payment for your suppliers so you can take on larger orders

• Helps finance large orders ‘pre-delivery’
• Lets you focus on fulfilment
• Helps you build your reputation

Asset Financing

Funding to help you access equipment, machinery or vehicles

• Enables you to buy or lease equipment
• Helps you keep up with new technology
• Makes upgrading easier

Business Loans

Different loan types to suit all stages of business growth

• Enable you to invest in growth and expansion
• Boost working capital
• Helps you manage cashflow or debt


A financial cushion to protect your day-to-day operations

• Keeps continuity of operations
• Avoids ‘declined’ payments
• Offers extra peace of mind

Unsecured Lending

Strategic borrowing which keeps your assets safe

• Lets you borrow without risking assets
• Gives you fast access to cash
• Can be used for any purpose

Working Capital Loans

Funding that gives you stability, regardless of your sales cycle

• Keeps your business running smoothly
• Plugs short-term gaps in your budget
• Provides a cash cushion for unexpected events

R&D Tax Credit Loans

Cash advances using your HMRC tax credits as security

• Funds the R&D tax gap by ‘pre-funding’ your tax credits
• Helps you get cash up to 12 months earlier
• Improves your liquidity between funding and rounds

Wide range of trusted lenders

We work with a wide range of trusted providers from high street banks to independent lenders to ensure you get the best deal possible financing the future of your business!

Funding for construction businesses
Funding for construction businesses
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