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Regain Control And Understand Your Business.
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Regain Control And Understand Your Business.

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📊 Welcome to The Saint's Dashboard

We understand that every construction business is different, from Civil’s to Painters, every business has different goals, priorities and challenges. We work with you to understand your financial AND non-financial key performance indications to give you a better understanding of your business!

To drop the waffle, you get to see your business as if it was your car attached to a diagnostic monitor scanning for data. We are looking for indicators to measure performance, good or bad but the ones you need to know. Each part of your business - Admin, Accounts, Media, Marketing, etc - all of your Key performance indicators are pipelined and displayed on your iPad etc showing you the latest figures.

Get Your Custom Dashboard Today!

📣 See what people are saying?

"I cannot even think how I was running my business before using the Saint Dashboards, they are easy to understand and I even have complete control into changing the data I want to appear on the dashboard, it stops my brain from constantly spinning at night or out with the family, now I can switch off easier . I can see it, its live information updating constantly."

“The Dashboards are great, we were running way beyond capacity, overtrading really, just taking everything and anything but burning out and using anyone for fuel to get the jobs covered. With the help from Saint and then using the dashboards they advised us to reduce our operating output to about 60% of where we were. (who does that?)

Mad we thought, but we are now more organised and earning the same and the SAME profit by being a bit more considerate and calm.

We can now take a moment as directors, time that gives us a feeling of control, confidence and visibility. The dashboards let us plan and we can ensure our targets at being hit.

All the other people we spoke to were all sales sales sales but Saint somehow looked at us as people first, listened and gauged where we were suited and we now know what to aim for now. It took so much pressure off."

“Saint promote the dashboard saying it’s like driving down a country road at night with no lights on and too fast and then WOW turn lights on and we can see what we are doing or at least starting to understand. We can now see what's coming way ahead with plenty of time to see payment patterns or choose the right work even for us and take the bends slow and when to accelerate. Everything they said gives you the edge.”

“The way each dashboard service you take out with them pipelines into the main screen so you can tell if the recent media campaign is working as the VA’s record the new call, the finance control is simply so powerful, I know I didn’t understand my figures but now I am learning, it drives my business now, I check my screens and then decide. Saint say it's not that you were bad at business before, far from it's just we needed high-quality information delivered so we could make better decisions."

"When they ran the saint dashboard  I wasn't shocked to find it was my then  Accountant / Business advisor that flagged as a process to inspect.

I had felt they were not the right fit for me but I did nothing about it so I cannot blame them. I wanted to grow but they just kept putting me off from changing systems etc (I was still excel and dropping receipts off once a month) and I stayed for years.

Three weeks with Saint and it was there in front of me on the dashboard screens. The accountant / business advisor had done nothing wrong or overcharged but just had not helped. They were using old systems and slow processes that suited them to do things they had always done in their little world who just really in the end just wanted their yearly fee and nice little way of life. I was so frustrated and saw a post from Saint on and joined. Saint handled the change over swiftly and  professionally and no pain for me."

"I run a loft company and to explain in my trade terminology, Saint said their version of accountancy compared to others is like the nail gun or cordless being introduced to the hammer or yankee, and they are not impressed.

They are the old ways, still respect what the hammer or yankee could do but each tool knows their limits, times change. They must.

My wife who does the admin convinced me to stay the way we were but I knew something wasn't right. Now she just monitors the dashboard, all the stress and arguments gone. She was just scared of change as she was still working on old excel and done processes 3 times for one report which took ages that does it itself now overnight. Happy wife, Happy life!

I was impressed that an Accountant knew what a Yankee was."

“I run an electrical firm of 18 men and I can go from good to sick with worry very quickly with my monthly spend if it does not go well. It’s hard enough trying to control the work and the clients.

I have good office staff but they would never have run the way we are now. After speaking to Saint we are more efficient, from an electrician’s point of view, the information I have been running my business on for the last 8 years was terrible in comparison to now, like walking into a house at night with a single candle or to go to Saint way and using electricity, turn the lights on in every room, it’s that big a difference. I look back with almost regret at the time and money or effort spent in the wrong areas, it’s so simple now."

"To Saint, the bookkeeping is the MOST crucial and important part, they say it's the very heart of the business, the day to day bookkeeping so they see what's going on and can reconcile every 24hrs, cashflow is the blood. This is what makes the Dashboard work, it's the early warning system of our construction business and is just ignored by other accountants. If your accountant is not interested in your bookkeeping, walk away."

"We have the Dashboard on a big flatscreen TV in the office and we can see the figures changing, it's good. Saint says any FT500 or big company would not operate a day without this so why not us."

"The Dashboard identified a few operational points and they were things that concerned me as well but I had not done anything, they were things to face and I knew by fixing these problems this would mean confrontation so I left it. The process was bottlenecking the business costs and performance.

No one usually cares, so to get a call unprompted for a possible red flag on the dashboard that something could be wrong. This showed me they look after my business. The screens were the proof, not just another opinion. Trust them, they put only you first."

💙 Liking the sound of this?

Saint are not like any other support company, we specialise and know the construction industry. When we take on a function you have been in control of, we understand this can cause an emotional vacuum.

("How do I know what's going on? “ or “Will I lose control?”)

Nothing could be further from this. We know you are probably not desk-based all the time as said we understand the calls that can come in, so we work harder than anyone else out there to connect with you and fill that possible emotion that you could be fearing. By providing a cloud-based visual dashboard so you can still see everything going on whenever and where ever you are and the massive business improvements that come with that.

Saint Dashboards are every part of your business pipelined onto bespoke screens, be it accountancy, media, sales, marketing, admin, jobs in progress, tax targets or bookkeeping. Which are all often overlooked factors but are the real velocity indicator of the day to day running of a business.

Do you need to know how many leads you are getting daily? Great, take a look at your Saint Dashboard and then make the decision with a stem of high-quality information.

No other company works together as we do. We become your complete solution, bringing everything you would get from an accountant, media agency and so forth into a single location for you to look at with a moment's notice.

You could go back to your accountant or media agency, etc and ask if they can run their attempt of a dashboard for you and they may say yes.

They might have similar solutions but they have never came to you before with this solution so it shows they are just happy to take your money and not really work the extra for it. They may smile and seem interested but no one is as passionate and as proactive as Saint Financial Group.

If you have to tell them about it then they are already behind the curve, we are doing it today! We know the industry and know as you do that is a very challenging industry so we know how to adapt quickly.

You may feel obliged to stay with them, we understand that but this is life-changing for your family life or business life so maybe you have outgrown them that's all and need to go to someone who specialises so you can start working smarter!

We simply work harder for you, no day rate mentality who just plod, we know who you are when you call and our clients know we are passionate and show we LOVE them.

You have a FREE dedicated Business Success Manager and a FREE review meeting with you own Business Development Manager every Qtr.

We make you aware of key points to look out for on the dashboard, say 3 points a month and within the year your talking cash positions and sales increase margins like you're in Dragons Den. We want you to learn and know about your business, no one else does that, they want to keep you blind, take the payment and smile. Saint stay with you, want you to be able to be confident to communicate the details of the business to a Bank or to reach your goals ASAP.

A real quick win is also other Directors start using their screens as well and they can see on the go information for their section stopping wasted time and effort on cross calls, interruptions and miscommunications.

Visit The Saint Dashboard here.

Or get in touch with the team today to get started!

🎉 That's a wrap!

I hope you found this article useful! If you would like a no obligation friendly chat, just simply get in touch! We would be more than happy to help.

If you would like to equip your business with The Saint's Dashboard, just let us know!

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Regain Control And Understand Your Business.

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Saint Construction Support

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