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Helping construction Businesses build sustainable growth.

Welcome to Saint Global. An Construction-Focused Agency That Delivers Results Without The Fluff.

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Delivering results
is what we do.

We are ex-trade and understand what a construction business needs. We understand your businesses, and more importantly, your audience. We are the high impact agency you have been looking for!


Media - Marketing - Sales - Public Relations

Web Development / Web Design / Search Engine Optimisation / Copywriting / Web Hosting & Maintenance / Social Media Management / Branding Identity / Branding strategy / Email Marketing / Google Workspace / Blogging Strategy / Search Engine Advertising / Social Media Advertising / Reputation Manager


Let's Build Something Great!

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It is hard to stay on top of things. We provide impactful solutions to gain a competitive advantage.


Delivering Hyper-Focused reach to put your brand in front of the right people and the right time.

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Building trust between your brand and your clients driving loyalty, performance and business success!


Build a presence that connects with your audience around the clock and have the results prove it! 

What people are saying

Thomas O'Connor

"We've been through a few different marketing agencies, a lot of them promise these great things, but don't deliver. Saint Global delivered results and has truly made impact to my trade and my life."

Eshan Owen

"Saint Global is a pleasure to work with and we will continue to work with the team for all upcoming projects. They are great at communicating and really understood what my business needed."

Darren cassell

"It's a different experience working with an agency that actually understands our industry.
Communication becomes simple and goals become meaningful. I am glad that I found Saint, I wouldn't change a thing"

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Saint Global - Building your audienceSaint Global - Finding your identitySaint Global- Website design & development

Web Design & Development

A website that converts visitors into clients.

Saint Global Design work

Breath-taking Design

It takes one-tenth of a second for someone to develop an impression of your company. Our caring team of design experts are ready to develop you a site that you are proud to show-off!

All of our designers are carefully vetted and have years of experience working in the design industry!

Delivering Results

As wonderful and pretty as our websites are, they still have real role to play.

A website is a crucial marketing tool. A website is where all of your marketing efforts links to from your social media accounts to the people who see your name on your van. We make sure that doesn't go to waste. We convert visitors into clients.

Saint Global ResultsSaint Global Unique

Stand out from the crowd

We are tired of seeing template after template being tirelessly used across the web. If you are coming across exactly like your competitors what stands you apart?

You know that contractors are going to be researching your business and deciding if you are right team for the job. Stand out from the crowd and win over more jobs than ever before!

Our Process

Our process is what makes us, us...

We deliver quality, and from this a very structured process was born. Our process is completely built around Saint and our clients within the construction industry.

When you work with Saint you get a tailored team of experts that understand your business and are committed to delivering the absolute best in order to let your business reach its full potential.

Stage 1 - Initiate

We learn as much as possible about you, your vision, your business, goals, objectives and so on. This stage is preparing the foundations of the project.

Stage 2 - Strategy

Once we are all signed, we can move onto getting the strategy into place . Here we will align a clear path for the success of your website. We will go over content , placement, visuals, communications and so forth...

Stage 3 - Design

Great! Now that our strategy is in place we will really start getting into the production of your website. Firstly we will start building a wireframe of the site, this will allow us to determine the proper flow and order of elements of your site. This all comes together to build a brilliant user experience, effectively and efficiently bring the user from A to Z.

Stage 4 - Development

The site has been fully designed and its got the go ahead! We now move onto developing the final adaptation of your design into Webflow, we will give you a live link so you can regular check up on the progress of the site.

Within this stage we will start performing basic SEO tasks, introduction of the CMS and so forth.

Stage 5 - Launch

Congratulations! Your site is ready to launch! However, before we do this, the team will go through a robust testing and internal Q/A to ensure the site is up to the highest possible standard.

Once everything is perfect, we are ready to launch your brand new website! 

And to top it off...

Saint global websites
Custom Domains

A custom domain suited to your business! Your domain can be used across your website to your professional email!

Saint global hosting
Super Fast Hosting

Powered by Amazon & Fastly, your website loads in an instant! Never have your clients waiting!

Saint global web maintenance
Web Maintenance

Even when we have completed the job we are by your side! We allow you to work on the things that really matter while we cover the website for you!

Saint global SEO
Search Engine Optimisation

We are able to drive traffic to your site through the use of our expert SEO team! Beat the competition and increase your website traffic!

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Building your Identity

If your business is unique, so should your brand

Saint global Construction design

Your business, Redefined

When people come across your business, you don't want them to forget you. We are building impactful construction companies across the UK meaningful brands with purpose.

We build brands that last and impact the lives of millions.

Identity Solutions

Complete Branding

Helping ambitious businesses become the best version of themselves, arming them with the branding that will thrive and evolve along side your business! Complete branding with introduce strategy and purpose into your business.

We are masters at building brands that deliver exactly what company represents.

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Blogging Strategy

Endlessly writing a blog won't change a thing! No point targeting keywords people aren't searching. Let's engineer a strategy that will drive traffic and increase your position as an industry leader!

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Something else?

No matter the task at hand, we have expect designers that are able to take on anything you can throw at them.
- UI Design
- Illustrators
- Photographers

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Building your audience

A loyal audience drives sales and trust.

Targeted & Defined

Even a Construction Company can have a loyal audience.

However, building an audiences means nothing if it's filled with the wrong people. We put together what your business needs for sustainable growth and leads.

Saint global targeting construction clients
Identity Solutions

Social Media Management

Engaging, capturing, inspiring!

Build a quality profile, audience and lead generation system for your business by harnessing the power of social media!

- Build your audience
- Develop Customer Loyalty
- Reach untapped markets
- Drive traffic & sales

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is fast, cheap and highly profitable, and the ultimate relationship and brand-building tool.

Capitalise on automation to create sophisticated sequences that react in real-time to your customers behaviour and driving overall results!

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Reputation Manager

Word of mouth is online these days, which means people now have the ability to talk about your business online. Reviews now have a tremendous amount of power in the online world and is able to either turn customers away or bring them to you.

It is our job to keep your online reputation up to scratch.

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From Facebook to Google to having an ad on the side of a bus, we have the team in place to drive the right traffic for more conversions and revenue! 

We tailor every campaign on your exact needs.

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Partnerships that Simply work...
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