What credits do I get included in my Momentum Engine Subscription?

We provide you with £10 credit to your account on a monthly basis. These credits can be used to make calls, send texts, emails and a range of other features. The amount resets at the start of each month dependent on your billing period .

£10 credit will give you approximately: 
- 355 Outbound Calls or;
- 590 Inbound Calls or;
- 7145 Emails

What additional charges are there when I go outside of my credit?

When you fall outside of your monthly credit, these amounts will be charged to your wallet which you can find by logging into your Momentum Engine, go to settings and then to "Company Billing". Here you can find all billing information regarding your current subscription plan and any wallet information.

Our prices are charged at:
Calling: Charged in USD, $0.021/min. $10 = 7.9 hours/month)
Receiving calls: Charged in USD, $0.012/min. 10 = 13.9 hours/month.
SMS: Charged in USD, $0.0119/SMS. $10 = 840 sms/month).
Email: Charged in USD, $1.013/1000 emails. $10 = 9872 emails/month).

Purchasing a Phone number: £2.35/month ($3/month). Note: Price is an estimated price for UK phone numbers. Prices may vary.

Premium triggers in automations: Charged in USD, $0.02/launch.
Premium triggers are those that can replace certain Zapier functions. They are clearly marked in the app. Examples include receiving/sending webhooks for integration, sending information to Google Sheet or Slack, time/date formatters or number formatters.

Email verification: Charged in USD, $0.005 per email emails.
Email verification allows you to automatically check if an email address you've added for a user is being used so you don't get a lot of "hard bounces" that can damage your email reputation.

Content AI: Charged in USD, $0.18/1000 words and $0.12/image
Let The Momentum Engine Content AI generate content for emails, landing pages and social media posts.

Chat GPT Executions: Charged in USD, $0.06 per GPT 4 execution and $0.03 per GPT 3.5 execution.
Live connection with ChatGPT to per AI executions.

Conversational AI: Charged in USD, $0.04 per message.

WhatsApp Conversation: Charged in USD, $0.0148 per conversation + $30 Per Month WhatsApp fee.

Review AI: Charged in USD, $0.16 per response.

Am I locked into any contracts?

Nope, we have an option to pay monthly or annually. We also offer a 14 day trial so you can learn to love the platform! 

Can I test The Momentum Engine CRM before I buy?

Absolutely! You can always try the CRM for free for 14 days. If you don't like it, you can cancel and pay nothing.

What happens after I pay?

Your account will be created, your login details will be sent to you by email and we will contact you to help you get started.

Can I import my contact database into your system?

Absolutely! You can import both contacts and companies using a standard CSV file and get all the information you have saved on them. The system also takes care that there are no duplicates in the database when you import.

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