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“If you’re too comfortable, it’s time to move on. Terrified of what’s next? You’re on the right track.”
- Susan Fales-Hill


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Your Business Card, Reinvented.

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Introducing Saint Connect. We have created a innovative contactless business card like no other. Bringing traditional networking into the digital lifestyle. Say hello to your first & last business card.

No Apps, No Downloads, No Stress. The most simple solution to the most effective networking tool. Simply place your Saint Connect Card near the other person's phone, and boom. Simple as that! 🥳

✔️ Online profile made completely around you
✔️ Built to look its best on everything from Watch to Desktop (Yes... a watch 🤯)
✔️ Profile Picture or Company Logo
✔️ Simple "Add to contacts button"
✔️ Contact Details & Social Links
✔️ Instant Messaging
✔️ Payment Details
✔️ Embedded fields and forms (Calendly, typeform, youtube all embedded within your Saint Passport.
✔️ External Links & Much More! 🕊

A Live Profile!

Who is it for?

How does it work?

Saint Financial Group White Logo


How does it work?

Elevate your business
and get more from Saint.


Fashioning our offcuts into new material means 60% of each and every card is made from recycled plastic. Your cards will still look the same, they’ll just be a little more mindful.

Multiple Physical Cards

Your choice, route multiple cards to a single card, or have an individual card & profile for everyone in your business! Welcome to your networking genius.

Real Time Updates

With Saint Connect, you can simply update, change or add any of your information. This eliminates the risk of potential leads using your old, outdated business card, and never being able to reach you.

No Apps Required

No apps required whatsoever! 🤯 Any modern phone has the ability to instantly read the card and its as simple as that!

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Living Proof

Changing The Game of Networking...

"Networking has never been easier. Often at events I get approached by people asking for my contact details & half the time I don't even have a business card on me.

Well goodbye to those days, Saint Connect ensures I will never lose another opportunity to connect again. I love that I always have a business card with me!"

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Leave a memorable impression and bring leads in through something as simple as a QR code. Enhance your business with Saint Connect.


Avaliable in

- Saint Connect

prestigious White

Introducing Prestigious White. The Classic & Original of Saint Connect. Redefine your business card with a silk-smooth matt finish making your card fashionable elegant.

£59.99 Only £35.00
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- Saint Connect

Sleek Black

Introducing Sleek Black. Redefine your identity with our a matt finished eCard proving that you mean business!

£59.99 Only £35.00
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The future of networking is here, future proof your business today!

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