Case Study S-274

Case Study S-274 | A Commercial Landscaping firm based in South East London who was seeing inconsistent sales patterns, lack of internal structure and high levels of stress

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Case Study S-274
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Case Study S-274

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July 21, 2014


£1.2 Million



CONFIDENTIAL CASE STUDY - Elements of this case study have been removed in order to protect the confidentiality agreement with our client(s).

Challenges Faced

How we helped

Recognising immediately that the internal structure of the business needed to be brought up-to-date and formally structured, the team recommend a complete redevelopment of their marketing procedures which they are able to control and manipulate to their desire, but also something that will stand strong for the long-term future.

Inconsistent Sales Patterns

Case Study S-274 was facing inconsistent sales patterns, which actually cause many other challenges for the business. The inconsistent sales patterns caused negative fluctuation across the business structure, many problems were created and was primarily routed from this single problem.

  1. Financial instability: Construction businesses in general are heavily influenced by their cashflow as most jobs are paid after completion, meaning internal funding and secure cashflow has to in place.
  2. Difficulty in forecasting: Inconsistent sales make it challenging to predict future revenues accurately. This can make it difficult to plan for the future, manage resources, and make important business decisions.
  3. Uncertainty in staffing: The construction industry relies heavily on skilled labour, and inconsistent sales can lead to uncertainty in staffing. It can be challenging to maintain a consistent workforce when sales are fluctuating, leading to difficulty in meeting project deadlines and quality standards.
  4. Reduced bargaining power: Inconsistent sales can also reduce a construction business's bargaining power when negotiating contracts with suppliers, subcontractors, and other stakeholders.
  5. Inability to invest in growth: Inconsistent sales can also make it challenging for a construction business to invest in growth opportunities, such as expanding into new markets or investing in new equipment or technologies. Without a stable revenue stream, it can be difficult to justify these investments.

Saint Global developed a marketing strategy from the ground up which aligned the company's vision, business plan and workflow capacity.

Poor Internal Organisation Structure

Case Study S-274 had poor internal organisational structure which lead to a range of chaos and challenges.

  1. Lack of clarity and communication: A poor organisational structure lead to a lack of clarity and communication among employees. This resulted in confusion about roles and responsibilities, missed deadlines, and poor-quality work.
  2. Duplication of effort: A poor organisational structure also resulted in duplication of effort, with multiple employees/departments working on the same task or project. This lead to wasted time, money, and resources, and can reduce overall efficiency.
  3. Inefficient decision-making:  Decisions were being made by individuals that do not have the necessary expertise or authority. This can result in delays, errors, and missed opportunities.
  4. Lack of collaboration: A lack of collaboration among employees was present which resultred in a lack of innovation and creativity, reduced productivity, and missed opportunities for growth and improvement.
  5. Difficulty in managing growth: A poor organisational structure made it challenging for Case Study S-274 to manage growth effectively. Without a clear structure and defined roles and responsibilities, it can became difficult to scale operations and ensure that all aspects of the business are functioning efficiently.

Director-level Stress & Exhaustion

The Directors of Case Study S-274 was finding it difficult to turn up each day and manage the business, the Saint Trade Coaches was on hand for support providing impactful advice and solutions while helping the Directors regain control, clarity and peace of mind.

The next two months was dedicated by the Saint Business Development Team, Trade Coaches and SaintVA team to implement a system which lasts and allows the company to effectively manage the day-to-day operations while being flexible and stable enough to enable company growth.

Where are they now?

The team still stands by Case Study S-274 and helps them with any blips, challenges or worries that pop up along the way.

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Client Testimonial

“Saint dealt with us with a real understanding of what was going on, we were so busy some times and then deadly quiet, limping through. With a few changes, some really obvious but its was the timing they suggested which showed the value and we stuck to the plan as laid out, we didn’t think it would work but gave it a chance and it proved us wrong. The trick taught is we now simply repeat it, we have a technique, work is busy now but we can speed it up or slow it down as we need“

Where are they now?

This plan was implemented into the business over a total period of six months with consistent support being on hard after the major implementation. Case Study S-274 had a rapid turn around thanks to the contribution of the directors of Case Study S-274 and the solutions provided by Saint.

Case Study S-274 has been with Saint Since 2014 and have quadrupled in turnover. The Directors of Case Study S-274, following the advice from the Trade Coaches have taken a speak back and have got a fully management team in place. The Directors now have a sustainable business with consistent growth patterns and a flawless internal organisation structure that allows them to manage the business at a higher level in which they do within their quarterly meetings with Saint.