Case Study S-922

Client S-992 was experiencing a lack of sales and didn't know where to turn. Saint Global provided a range of support that turned this struggling business into a massive success!

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Case Study S-922
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Case Study S-922

Saint onboard Date

August 24, 2017





Client Challenges

Client S-992 approach Saint with a single challenge in mind - A lack of sales. Client S-992 explained every that they tried in our initial discovery call and were unsure what to do next... The client needed a cost-effective way to drive consistent sales to the business.

Saint Solution

Saint developed an immediate plan of action to support the client and gain sales. This began with the conduction of a full analysis of the current marketing at hand and our target audience. Once completed, we were able to identify weaknesses and bottlenecks that the business was facing. We introduced three effective marketing solutions that increase the client's awareness by 817% - A company that was virtually invisible just gained massive awareness across the targeted area in a matter of weeks.

1. Search Engine Optimisation - Carefully crafted SEO campaigns to drive the company website up in the rankings for the keywords that his clientele was searching for in the local area.

2. Public Relations - Our PR team and Business Intelligence Unit carefully identified the best way to make contact and build relationships with our target audience.

3. Social Media Management - A broad ongoing campaign was released which held a range of community-focused awareness content.

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Client Testimonial

It was fantastic working with Saint on the marketing for my business, and I must say I was blown away by the results.

Saint was able to quickly develop a comprehensive plan of action to support my business and increase sales. They conducted a full analysis of our current marketing strategies and target audience, which allowed us to identify weaknesses and bottlenecks that were hindering our growth.

I highly recommend Saint to any business looking to increase their sales and awareness. Their expertise and dedication to their craft are unmatched, and they truly care about the success of their clients. I can't thank them enough for the incredible work they did for my business.

-Company Director

Where are they now?

Client S-922 sold their business is 2016 after seeing massive growth and tremendous success. A fantastic deal was formed for the client thanks to the Trade Up and the Saint Accountants and the new Directors of the business have kept Saint on providing ongoing support and marketing.