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Construction success story: Case Study S-1843 partners with Saint for a seamless buyout, ongoing support & remarkable growth.

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Case Study S-1843
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Case Study S-1843

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June 8, 2022


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In this case study, we explore how our Specialised Tax Advisory solutions helped a construction company (referred to as S-1843) and its shareholders navigate the complexities of valuation and taxation. Our primary objectives were to facilitate a fair sales price agreement, educate the departing shareholder on personal tax implications, and ensure all parties were aware of the tax implications for the business. By addressing these goals, we aimed to provide the shareholders with peace of mind and ensure a smooth transition.

Client Goals:

  1. Use tax advice to complete valuation on 2 individual entities: S-1843's shareholders were seeking expert guidance to accurately value two distinct entities within the business. Determining the true worth of these entities would enable the shareholders to negotiate a fair and equitable sales price.
  2. Departing shareholder - Awareness of tax implications: As one of the shareholders planned to exit the company, they were concerned about potential tax implications associated with the sale. They wanted to gain a comprehensive understanding of the personal tax obligations and potential liabilities resulting from the transaction.
  3. Awareness of implications towards the business: The remaining shareholders were aware of the potential implications the transaction might have on the overall business. They sought advice on the best course of action to minimise any adverse tax consequences and ensure the long-term financial health of the company.

Results obtained:

  1. Shareholders were able to agree on a sales price that benefits both parties: Through our comprehensive valuation analysis, we were able to provide a clear picture of the value of the two entities within S-1843. This information empowered the shareholders to engage in meaningful negotiations and reach an agreement on a sales price that satisfied both the departing shareholder and the remaining shareholders. The resulting price reflected the fair market value of the entities, ensuring a mutually beneficial outcome.
  2. Enabled exiting shareholder to retire with knowledge and peace of mind: We conducted a detailed assessment of the departing shareholder's personal tax implications arising from the sale of their shares. Our team explained the tax obligations associated with the transaction, including any capital gains tax or other relevant tax liabilities. By providing clear guidance and ensuring full transparency, we enabled the exiting shareholder to retire with confidence, knowing that all tax matters were appropriately addressed and accounted for.
  3. No unexpected surprises or bills for the departing shareholder: By considering all relevant tax implications in advance, we were able to ensure there were no unforeseen tax surprises or unexpected bills for the departing shareholder. Our comprehensive approach covered all aspects of the transaction, including potential taxes on the sale proceeds, minimising the risk of unexpected financial burdens. This allowed the exiting shareholder to make a smooth transition into retirement, without any lingering financial concerns.
  4. Obtained Funding for a Smooth Buyout Process: Recognising the financial implications of the buyout and the need for adequate funding, we worked closely with S-1843 to secure the necessary financial resources. Our team at Saint Finance explored various funding options, such as business loans, lines of credit, or equity financing. By leveraging our network and expertise in financial planning, we successfully facilitated the acquisition of the required funds.


By providing expert tax advice and guidance, we helped S-1843's shareholders achieve their goals in a complex business transaction. Our valuation analysis ensured a fair sales price agreement, while our personalised tax advice helped the exiting shareholder navigate their personal tax obligations. Additionally, our expertise in assessing the implications towards the business safeguarded the company's long-term financial well-being. As a result, all parties involved were able to move forward confidently, knowing that the transaction was executed with diligence and expertise, leaving no unexpected surprises or tax burdens.

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Client Testimonial

"I am extremely grateful for the exceptional tax advisory services provided by Saint Construction Support during our recent buyout process. Their expertise and support were instrumental in helping us navigate the complexities of valuation, taxation, and securing funding for a smooth transition.

From the beginning, Saint understood our goals and worked closely with us to achieve them. (We've been working with the Saint Coaches for a while also) Their team conducted a thorough valuation analysis, enabling us to establish a fair sales price that satisfied both the departing shareholder and the remaining shareholders. This level of transparency and professionalism ensured a mutually beneficial outcome, providing a solid foundation for the buyout process.

One of the standout aspects of working with Saint was their commitment to addressing the issues at hand at both the individual and business level. They provided valuable guidance to the departing shareholder, ensuring they were aware of the personal tax obligations resulting from the sale. This expertise allowed our exiting shareholder to retire with peace of mind, knowing that all tax matters were expertly handled, leaving no unexpected surprises or bills.

Additionally, Saint played a pivotal role in obtaining the necessary funding for the buyout. Their knowledge of financial planning and their network of contacts in the financial industry proved invaluable in securing the required capital. This funding not only facilitated a smooth transaction but also minimised financial risks and ensured our company's financial stability during the transition.

Working with Saint instilled confidence in our team throughout the entire process. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to communicate complex tax concepts in a clear and understandable manner were exceptional. They truly went above and beyond to ensure our success.

I highly recommend Saint Construction Support to any business in need of comprehensive tax advisory services or support in general. Their expertise, personalised approach, and dedication to achieving client goals are unparalleled. Thanks to their guidance and support, our buyout process was a resounding success, and we are now well-positioned for a promising future.

Thank you again to the entire team at Saint Construction Support/Saint Taxation and Saint Finance for their invaluable contributions to our success."

Where are they now?

Case Study S1843 has continued to maintain a strong and fruitful relationship with The Saint Construction Support Group. Even after the successful buyout process, the client has recognised the ongoing value and expertise provided by Saint's various teams, including the Accountancy Team, Business Development Team, Trade Coaches, and Marketing Team.

The Accountancy Team & Tax Team at Saint has remained a trusted partner for Case Study S1843. They continue to provide comprehensive tax advice and support, ensuring that the company remains compliant with ever-changing tax regulations. By working closely with the Accountancy Team, Case Study S1843 can confidently make informed financial decisions and optimise their tax strategies to maximise profitability.

Additionally, the Business Development Team at Saint has played a vital role in assisting Case Study S1843 in their growth and expansion efforts. By leveraging their industry expertise and market insights, the Business Development Team has helped identify new opportunities, develop strategic partnerships, and devise effective business strategies. Their guidance has been invaluable in guiding Case Study S1843 towards sustainable growth and long-term success.

The Trade Coaches at Saint have also been instrumental in Case Study S1843's ongoing development. Through tailored coaching and mentorship programs, the Trade Coaches have helped refine operational processes, enhance project management capabilities, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. Their guidance has resulted in increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved overall project outcomes for Case Study S1843.

Moreover, the Marketing Team at Saint has supported Case Study S1843 in elevating their brand presence and reaching a wider audience. Through strategic marketing campaigns, branding initiatives, and digital marketing strategies, the Marketing Team has helped Case Study S1843 position themselves as a reputable and competitive player in the construction industry. Their efforts have contributed to increased brand recognition, customer engagement, and business growth for Case Study S1843.

By continuing to work closely with the various teams at Saint, Case Study S1843 has experienced continued success, growth, and profitability. The collaborative partnership has allowed them to leverage a wide range of expertise and resources, enabling them to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and adapt to a dynamic business landscape. Together, they are building a resilient and thriving construction company that is well-equipped to navigate future industry changes and achieve their long-term goals.