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Work in partnership with the UK's leading Support Group for the Construction Industry. Our mission to support construction businesses across the UK is driven by a range of well-executed solutions that tie hand in hand, allowing Directors to focus on running a business not working in it! 

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How it works

Working with Saint is as simple as 123!

1. Onboarding

When you enlist as a partner, our first step involves initiating a comprehensive communication process, tailored to ascertain the compatibility between us. This process is geared towards ensuring a mutual synergy and a seamless alignment of goals, values, and objectives, guaranteeing a harmonious and fruitful partnership.

2. Partnership Action Plan

Once the onboarding process is successfully completed, we will start crafting a bespoke action plan in collaboration with you, meticulously outlining the most effective strategies to introduce our partnership into the market. This comprehensive blueprint will be tailored to leverage our combined strengths, capitalise on market trends, and maximise our outreach, ensuring a dynamic and impactful market entry that resonates with our target audience.

3. Going Live!

Upon the implementation of the devised action plan, we will launch into action, taking our collaborative efforts live! Throughout this dynamic phase, we will remain actively engaged in monitoring your referral platform and tracking the sign-ups of any clients. As per our agreement, you can expect to receive your well-deserved financial commissions within a concise 30-day working window.

Benefits of Saint Partner Program

Become a partner