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Saint Global completely transformed our construction business. The team fully listened and understood what we was trying to achieve and turned it into reality.

- Heating & Plumbing Outfit

Truly Remarkable! 

Exceptional marketing plans and insights from Saint Global significantly boosted our brand. Their team's expertise in the industry is evident in the results.

- Residential Development

a must Have!

Saint Global's marketing strategy service is a game-changer for construction businesses. The tailored plans and expert advice elevated our business profile.

- Principal Contractor

Outstanding! 5 Stars!

The team's expertise shines through, providing a clear path for business growth across a range of points from awareness, lead generation and even systems. Fantastic! 

- Cat A Fit-Out Firm

Marketing Strategy

In our digital age, a Marketing Strategy is crucial for businesses to thrive. It analyses strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to strategically engage the right type of clients. Adapting to the digital revolution is key, as a well-crafted strategy not only communicates effectively but also attracts top talent, ensuring success in today's competitive landscape.

Service Overview

Our Comprehensive Marketing Strategy service is designed to optimise your business's marketing efforts through a thorough approach. Beginning with an in-depth analysis which covers a wide array of points from business structure to past marketing efforts. We then dive into demographics, behaviours, and preferences of your target clientele to create personalised strategies that drives results.

This ensures meaningful connections and engagement. We overlay this with careful Journey Planning, KPI Analysis, and Quarterly Reviews to stay on track.

Strategic Blueprint

A strategic blueprint outlines goals, strategies, and tactics for achieving desired outcomes. It includes analysis, objectives, resource allocation, and evaluation methods. It guides organisations in aligning efforts, prioritising resources, and adapting to achieve long-term success in a dynamic environment.

Quarterly Reviews

A strategic blueprint outlines goals, strategies, and tactics for achieving desired outcomes. It includes analysis, objectives, resource allocation, and evaluation methods. It guides organisations in aligning efforts, prioritising resources, and adapting to achieve long-term success in a dynamic environment.

Strategic Position Breakdown

Market Research and Position Analysis

Our Market Research and Position Analysis offer vital insights into the current situation of the market and your placement within it. These insights inform strategic decisions, enabling businesses to optimise market positioning for success in dynamic environments, ensuring they remain ahead of the competition and effectively meet consumer demands.

System Analysis

System Analysis optimises organisational performance by examining systems, processes, and workflows within the business. Key areas of focus to identify inefficiencies and recommend improvements.

Competitive Benchmarking

Competitive Benchmarking compares an organisation with its rivals to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, informing strategic decisions and enhancing competitive advantage.

Target Audience Identification

Target Audience Identification involves analysing demographic, psychographic, and behavioural factors to pinpoint the ideal audience for a product or service, enabling precise targeting and tailored marketing strategies for maximum effectiveness and engagement.

Build yOUR Construction Focused Marketing Strategy

From enhancing project efficiency to fostering sustainable growth, our in-depth analysis sheds light on how strategic planning can be a transformative force in the dynamic landscape of the construction industry.

clear objectives and goals

Clear objectives and goals are established through a defined roadmap featuring measurable KPIs and objectives. We provide precise guidance on what is needed, and when, to achieve your goals. Our detailed marketing plans outline strategies for maximising your marketing channels and executing planned activities, with adjustments made based on regular reporting insights.

Built for your Ideal Clientele

Unlock targeted marketing success with our precise approach. Through thorough audience insight research, we identify your ideal consumers, ensuring your strategy is both time and cost-effective. No more wasted resources on unlikely leads

Result Driven

With a keen emphasis on achieving tangible results, your new Marketing Strategy is designed to deliver measurable results through each marketing channel recommended. Providing you with the confidence that your strategic efforts translate into real-world accomplishments for your construction business.

Consistent Optimisation & KPI Reporting

We understand that the construction industry is dynamic, our solution ensures ongoing refinement and fine-tuning of strategies to adapt to the changing landscapes of the construction industry and within your business.

This commitment to consistent optimization means that your business stays agile, maximises efficiency, and capitalises on emerging opportunities.

Precision in Every Step

Our Process is what makes us special, we take precision into account through each and every stage.

Brief & Kick-Off

Kick off with Saint as we take a deep dive into your business comprehensively understanding all aspects to craft the most precise and impactful marketing strategy tailored exclusively for your business needs.

Strategy Production

Enter the strategic development phase, where our expert team performs a range of marketing research and formulates a bespoke marketing strategy tailored to your business goals, ensuring precision and effectiveness.

Consultancy Workshops

Upon delivery, we will engage workshops and consultancy sessions, collaborating to refine the strategy, discuss the blueprint, timelines to ensure seamless alignment with your business.


Transition from strategy to action as we execute the meticulously crafted blueprint, deploying targeted campaigns and initiatives to bring the marketing strategy to life and drive tangible results.

Iterative Optimisation

Continuous improvement cycle with quarterly reviews, where we assess performance, generate comprehensive reports, evaluate key performance indicators (KPIs), and make necessary adjustments to optimise and enhance the strategy's effectiveness over time.

Precision in Every Step

With unparalleled expertise across the construction industry, Saint craft unique, data-driven strategies tailored to your business objectives.

As your partner, we're committed to delivering measurable results and driving business growth in a competitive landscape.

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"The interconnectivity of Saints services is flawless. What felt like, let's face it, an absolute mess has now formed into a perfectly running business."

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"Saints expertise in marketing, social media, and content creation has been invaluable in helping us to build our brand and grow our business."

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"I have had the pleasure of working with Saint Global Marketing on a number of occasions, and I can confidently say that they are one of the best marketing agencies I have ever worked with."

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"Consistent support and solutions from the Saint team from day one! No matter what idea I had, the Saint team was always there to help me turn it into reality."

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"The Saint team really took a unique approach to understanding my business and my clients."

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"Saint is a fantastic agency who really understood what my business was and more importantly, how to position me in front of my clients."

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