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International Conference: Architecture, Building and Construction

International Conference: Architecture, Building and Construction
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The 3rd SPACE International Conference 2021 on Architecture, Building and Construction will be held in London on 8-9 July 2022. We provide an ideal platform to discuss the recent advances, research results and practical experiences in the fields of Architecture, Building and Construction. SPACE Studies of Planning and Architecture invites researchers, policymakers and industry practitioners to share knowledge from their fields of expertise according to the themes of the Conference.

Call for Papers

SPACE Studies of Planning and Architecture invites researchers, policymakers and industry practitioners to share knowledge from their fields of expertise according to the themes of the Conference.


Design, and construction methods for complex projects

Education of civil engineering and architecture

Real estate development and construction law

Public bidding law and regulation

Construction Planning and Control

Design and construction disputes

Construction management

Building integration solutions

Construction, law and ethics

Modular buildings design and practices

Building Performance and Life-cycle Analysis

Material Quality and Control

Performance of modular systems and buildings

Construction materials

Risk and safety management

Construction Technology

Reliability of building systems

Construction and Methods

Structural Analysis and Design

Knowledge Management and IT

Productivity and Workforce Issues

Sustainable Design and Construction

Infrastructure Management

Global Construction Issues

Call for Intensives

SPACE would like to announce a new platform of contribution in the conferences called “Intensives” that incorporates a spectrum of possibilities including but not limited to the presentation of concept/notion, research in progress, or an incomplete research demanding a start for potential future collaborations. This platform should follow any of the key formats of:

  • poster;
  • short oral PowerPoint presentation;
  • recorded video.

In-person or virtual, intensive sessions principally aim to create opportunities of developing the researches that have yet to be complete but need external support of networking for their full accomplishments. The short sessions in the conferences will perform as a multidisciplinary scene to introduce and discuss these projects within the academics and professionals of various disciplines.

1. The initial submission should include the abstract of maximum 300 words. This short abstract would need to be fully presented in any of the three selected above-mentioned formats. It is necessary to clearly state the main concern or question under investigation, and the potential outcome(s) of the research. It is also recommended to include your expectations of selecting this mode of presentation (i.e. asking for advices, looking for potential collaborations or academic partners to develop the research, requiring suggestions on helpful references, etc).

2. Upon approval of the short abstract, the presenter should submit an extended abstract of up to 1000 words elaborating on further details. The long abstract would be published in the conference proceedings and thus, it is highly recommended to apply a minimum of 5 references.


1- In case of selecting the mode of “poster presentation”, it is suggested to apply the more common graphic-presentation sizes (i.e 50cm*70cm or 70*100). Other preferred sizes, however, will be acceptable and just need to be informed prior to the conference for arranging the required space for the presentation. In case of selecting the mode of “short PowerPoint presentation” or “recorded video”, please do not exceed 15 minutes. A time frame of 10-15 minutes is strongly recommended.

2- Intensive submissions for both on site and virtual conferences should be registered as Oral Presentation Category.

Submission and Guidelines

All accepted abstracts and all full papers will be published in the conference e-proceedings with ISBN. The paperback version of the Conference E-Proceedings will also be published and can be purchased either in the Registration process or during the Conferences. Selected papers will be accepted through a double-blind reviewed process and will be published electronically with ISSN in SPACE International Journal on Space Studies in Architecture and Urban Design.

Guidelines are available for papers that will be submitted to SPACE Conferences. These guidelines form the lay-out of the paper, involve title, abstract (maximum of 300 words), keywords, sections and headings, tables, figures, equations, acknowledgements, references, placement of names of authors and co-authors and the length of the paper which should be no more than 10 pages including all text (abstract and main body), figures, tables and references. You can download full paper template.

The abstracts and the full-papers will be uploaded via website. The process will be as follows:

  • Click the “Submit your abstract” button below.
  • If you haven’t signed up yet, you need to sign up in order to submit your abstract to the conference. So, when you click “Submit your paper” button, the system will enable you to sign up.
  • Once you log in, please go to the conference page you want to submit your paper and click “Submit your paper”. This will lead you to the submission page.
  • Click “+ New Paper” to submit your abstract.
  • Enter your title.
  • You can directly text your abstract into the space given by deleting the instructions written for authors or you can copy and paste your abstract to this area.
  • Maximum 300 words abstract is required and the space is limited to the required word count.
  • The abstract should include the purpose of research, research method, principal results and major conclusions.
  • You need to add your keywords down in the section “Abstract Information”. There must be minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 keywords.
  • Select the topic and your presentation preference from the right hand side of the page.
  • Accept “Terms and Conditions”.
  • Click the submit button.

For conferences evaluation process covers abstract evaluation, so please do not attach any additional documents unless you are submitting your final paper as well.

Once you are accepted, you may or may not need to make a second submission.

  • If you chose to be an oral presenter, that means that your full paper will not be published (but your abstract will be puslihed) so you will not do the second submission.
  • If you chose to be a poster presenter, that means that your abstract and your poster will be published so you need to upload your poster.
  • If you chose to be an author or virtual presenter, that means that you need to upload your full-paper. Before submitting your full paper please be sure that you used our full paper template while preparing your paper.

If you are a poster presenter, author or virtual presenter, then after you received the acceptance letter, you will submit your full paper or poster by logging in the website.

  • From dashboard click “+New Paper” button.
  • Attach your full paper which you used our full paper template to prepare.
  • Submit.

Venue & Accommodation

Starting from 2022, we will be organising our conferences on-site and online, which means you can attend either in person or online, depending on your preference or conditions. SPACE International Conferences 2022 will be held in Docklands Academy in London. You are more than welcome to join us at the Conference Venue. If you cannot attend in person, after you register from one of the Virtual participant categories, you will receive your zoom link.

International Conference: Architecture, Building and Construction

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July 8, 2022


June 9, 2022

Docklands Academy, Crosshabour


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