Case Study S-3085

Case Study S-3085 is a Commercial & Residential Electrical Contractor Firm based in West London

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Case Study S-3085
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Case Study S-3085

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October 1, 2021


£1.2 Mil



In this case study, we explore the support that SaintVA, Saint Global and Business Development team provided to a Commercial & Residential Electrical Contractor Firm based in East London. The client faced several challenges related to time management, an unstructured sales and marketing process, a non-performing sales team, and a lack of incoming leads. Saint stepped in to address these issues and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy and sales system to drive growth and improve overall business performance.

Challenges at hand

The client approached Saint with a set of pressing challenges.

  1. Lack of Time - Overwhelmed with admin tasks which took away their ability to focus on growing the business.
  2. Lack of a Marketing/Sales Process - Causing inefficiency and confusion which lead to poor conversion rates, missed opportunity and a lack of consistent growth.
  3. Lack of Quality Leads - S-3085 faced an issue of sourcing high quality leads.

Saint Solution

Understanding the urgency and importance of addressing these challenges, SaintVA, Saint Global and the Business Development team immediately started working closely with the client to implement effective solutions. The following strategies were employed:

A. Time Management Optimisation: Saint's experts conducted a thorough assessment of the client's daily operations and identified administrative tasks that could be streamlined or outsourced to the SaintVA Team. By implementing time-saving measures and delegating non-essential tasks, the client's team gained more time to focus on core business activities and growth.

B. Marketing and Sales Process Restructuring: Saint worked closely with the client to analyse their existing sales and marketing process. By identifying bottlenecks and areas of improvement, a structured and streamlined strategy was developed. This involved clearly defining target markets, creating buyer personas, optimising marketing collateral, introducing new market placement channels and implementing lead tracking mechanisms to enhance conversion rates and ensure a consistent flow of leads while giving meaningful data back to the Directors.

C. Lead Generation Strategy: Saint's team worked diligently to develop and execute a targeted lead generation strategy for the client. This included a combination of digital marketing campaigns, Business Intelligence, and strategic partnerships to attract high-quality leads. Additionally, lead nurturing campaigns and follow-up processes were implemented to maximise conversion rates and foster long-term customer relationships.

D. Sales Training: Sales training was provided to S-3085's team to allow them to understand the importance of bringing prospects through a customer journey cycle and the importance of data tracking.

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Client Testimonial

"We are extremely grateful for the support provided by the Saint's Global, Business Development and VA Team. Although I don't like to admit it, we were facing significant challenges that were truly hindering our growth and overall business performance.

One of my personal biggest hurdles was the lack of time due to overwhelming administrative tasks. This was half about me wanting to keep control and half about not knowing how to delegate, this prevented me from focusing on what truly mattered in my business. SaintVA stepped in and conducted a thorough assessment of our daily operations. They identified tasks that could be streamlined or outsourced to their dedicated virtual assistant team. This was something I was not looking forward to, but I took the leap and now I think back and I don't know what I was holding on to, hours of my time back for me to focus on what matters and the admin work is just being done.

Our sales and marketing process was unstructured, leading to confusion and poor conversion rates. With the expertise of Saint's team, we were able to completely restructure our strategy. They defined our target markets, created buyer personas, optimised our marketing collateral, introduced new market placement channels, and implemented lead tracking mechanisms. This comprehensive approach brought clarity and improved efficiency to our sales and marketing efforts, resulting in better conversion rates and consistent growth.

Another significant challenge we faced was sourcing high-quality leads. Saint's team worked diligently to develop and execute a targeted lead generation strategy for us. We found the BiD solution particular interesting as we've not seen anything else like it - When they say they are construction focused, they mean it!

I was on the edge of sacking my sales team and just hiring a new one, Saint told me that the team wasn't the problem, them system was - Saint introduced their new system and provided valuable sales training to all of the staff, even the ones who didn't need it just so the full company had the same mindset, consistency throughout. This training helped our team understand the importance of guiding prospects through a customer journey cycle and the significance of data tracking for effective decision-making.

The support we received from Saint was invaluable. They addressed our pressing challenges head-on and implemented effective solutions that significantly improved our business performance. We are now better equipped to manage our time, have a structured sales and marketing process, and attract high-quality leads. We highly recommend Saint to any business seeking expert support in marketing and business development."

Where are they now?

Following the successful implementation of the comprehensive marketing strategy and sales system, Case Study S-3085 continues to maintain a strong partnership with Saint. The collaboration extends beyond the initial engagement, with ongoing support and assistance in various areas of their business operations.

On the administrative front, S-3085 continues to work with the Saint's Virtual Assistant (VA) team. The dedicated VA team handles all administrative support, effectively managing tasks such as scheduling, document organisation, and communication with clients. This partnership has significantly alleviated the burden of administrative work, allowing the client's team to focus on core business activities and growth.

The client continues to work closely with Saint's Marketing Team. The marketing collaboration ensures that the sales and marketing efforts align with the established strategy and business objectives. By maintaining and continuously developing a presence in the market has allowed S-3085 to increase in turnover (and profit) tremendously! 

Through ongoing collaboration with Saint, S-3085 ensures that all aspects of their business are working in harmony with the established strategy. The marketing team regularly monitors the performance metrics, analyses data, and adjusts strategies as necessary to optimize results and drive continuous growth.

By continuing to work with Saint, S-3085 benefits from the expertise, guidance, and support of a dedicated team. The ongoing collaboration helps the client stay ahead in the highly competitive electrical contracting industry, ensuring that their business operations are efficient, leads are generated consistently, and sales efforts are aligned with the overall growth strategy.