August 1, 2022

An Interview with Alex Willoughby

A Sparks Electrical are specialists in electrical installations, maintenance and repairs. We are fully qualified and reliable electricians carrying out our services professionally with simple and straightforward advice, giving customers peace of mind. We provide a customer-first experience, with a dedicated team of industry professionals guaranteeing high quality, professional work at competitive pricing.

How did you get into the construction industry?

Reflecting on where it all began, from a young age I had always wanted to explore a career in the construction industry – electrical to be specific. I started as an apprentice for a small firm, having textbook knowledge and snippets of practical experience. I worked every hour offered to me, listened attentively and watched closely. Learning from people who had a wealth of experience is definitely something a textbook cannot teach you. Putting what I had seen into practice together with the knowledge obtained, I was able to build my skills and confidence. A few years later, I decided to reach for another dream. For sure, there has been mountains to climb which felt like an up-hill battle at times but with hardwork, determination and the help and support of friends and family, I was able to get there and in 2012, A Sparks Electrical was created.

What three things would you tell your younger self?

Work hard, have fun and take every opportunity.

Did you have a mentor? What did you learn?

I didn’t have an official mentor however, looking back, I can see that I had a mentor within my first employer. We still speak and see to each other regularly and I am happy to say has become a really good friend. Its important to remember that people in our lives may not always hold the official mentor title but they may carry the key mentor qualities and help us to thrive. They help us to build confidence to ask for help when we are unsure and provide guidance when we may need it. Being a Saint Ambassador, I hope to guide and support other individuals to fulfil their ambitions and achieve what they may feel to be the impossible.

What can you see for the future of the building industry?

I believe the industry will thrive. I think there are exciting times ahead especially with new technology.

What has the industry taught you?

One thing the industry has taught me is that it doesn’t matter if your abilities lie practically, academically or both – there is a place for everyone. You are always learning no matter how long you have been in your job. So long as you have determination, strong-will and dedication, ambitions can become reality. Becoming successful is not age restrictive!

Alex Willoughby
A Sparks Electrical
A Sparks Electrical

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