January 7, 2022

An Interview with Philip Jukes

‍1. How Did You Get Into The Trade?

When I was in primary school, I spent my time for summer breaks helping my grandad, who was a builder, do things like porches and extensions (mostly making cups of teas or moving bricks). I knew that I wanted to work in construction, so once I did my GSCEs I started my new college course “construction and the built environment” whilst in college my lecturer realises that I am good at maths, and she offered me an interview to an engineering place ‘Metsec’ and I got it! but I didn't have an idea what to do. They did offer me to carry on for college to university doing a course ‘Civil Engineering’ I love my job, as a design engineer you have to think all the time about the best way things are built, every building is different in a different way.

2. What Three Things Would You Tell Your Younger Self?

Make a mistake, understand why and how that mistake has been done, and learn from your mistake.

3. Did You Have A Mentor? What Did You Learn?

I’ve never actually had a mentor in some way, As I started from an apprentice scheme, everything was new, so I've learned everything from different people and the different ways they work. As a design engineer you always want to learn how and why and different ways to help your client,  from anyone from an apprentice as high as a Managing Director, there is always something to learn from someone else. 

4. What Can You See For The Future Of The Building Industry?

The building industry will is always developing in new ways, whether that be a new building or a redesign for a different appliance. in big cities, for example, London, we can't grow anymore or expand in site…. Therefore the only way is up! For example, a 5 stories buildings exist at the moment but we are now redesigning it up to an 8+ story building…. Give it 30 to 40 years, all cities will be like New York.


Philip Jukes
Senior Design Engineer
Drywall Steel Sections Limited
Drywall Steel Sections Limited

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