January 7, 2022

An Interview with Rupert Mullis

An Interview with Rupert Mullis

I work for EA Associates, a Recruitment business that is focused on the supply of construction professionals to the housebuilding and construction industry across East Anglia. The business was formed in 2021 in the height of the pandemic and has already established itself as a key recruitment partner to a broad selection of recruitment businesses in the region.

We’re match makers! We help businesses across the industry attract good quality staff and help candidates move forward in their career by introducing them to a range of quality clients.
EA Associates are fully immersed in the industry and have a genuine passion for construction the industry and helping people.

Like many, I fell into the recruitment industry in my early twenties – I have always had an interest in the construction industry so was excited to be able to recruit into such a diverse industry.

What can you see for the future of the building industry?

A continued focus towards sustainability. Although I anticipate the the talent shortage getting bigger! I feel the industry should do more in attracting young people into the industry and the different career opportunities available.

Rupert Mullis
EA Associates

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