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70 Tasks to Outsource to a VA to help grow your construction business!
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70 Tasks to Outsource to a VA to help grow your construction business!

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70 Tasks to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant to help grow your business!

When you hire a VA they become part of your business team, become your best friend, you do not realise how much you need one till you have one, and when you have one you will never want to get rid of them. Running a business is tricky but VA’s are here to make it easier for you.

If you are starting to lose the love you once had for your company, ask yourself why? Actually, let us tell you why you have lost your love, it's because you are no longer doing the work you love. This is because you are spending more time on the admin tasks and the paperwork! Let a VA take the stress away from these tasks, this will give you the time to focus on the reason you started your business, to make people's lives easier not harder for you.

We know you have quite a lot of questions, so let’s answer them.

This blog is designed to help answer all those questions and give you an understanding of the value a VA can have on your business and how beneficial they can really be.

Hiring a VA has many benefits, such as;

1. Saving you money 

2. You only pay for the work they do for you 

3. Reduce your stress levels

4. Increased productivity and reduced workload for you

5. Drive your business growth 

6. Confidentiality

7. A little bit of everything

Let’s talk about the more specific question you may have - What tasks can a Virtual Assistant do for me?

70 tasks sounds a bit daunting, but these are the tasks you can pass on to someone else to do for you!

Let's start with your most time-consuming task you do not get paid for, but this is also one of the most important areas for your business, if it gets messy so does your business…

Email and Diary Management!

Your emails and diary becomes the main control centre of your entire business, they tell you who to see, where to go and when.

If your emails get messy you could be missing important business enquiries, meetings, or valuable time trying to find that email you saw a few weeks ago. If you are not keeping on top, your business could start to be going downhill quickly as missed emails can lead to missed meetings which could equal lost clients, lost clients equal lost money and the reason you started your business was to earn money not miss out on it! 

Emails are every companies ’Safety Net’ let us show you some scenarios if you were in the construction industry for example, 

Scenario 1 - 

You verbally quoted a client for a £300 job, they agree that price and you crack on with the works agreed, once the job is complete you give them an invoice for £300, the client starts debating or querying this cost and you have no way to prove you quoted £300.  

Scenario 2 - 

You told your VA the price of a job you visited and asked them to send the client a quotation over email, the client replies with a go-ahead email, your VA will book this in your diary for a time you are available, you complete the works agreed on the agreed date, once the job is complete your let your VA know and they send the invoice to the client over email, the client then begins to debate the price saying you said a lower cost, now you have the email to prove your quoted cost and the client agreeing to the amount.

See, your VA and emails become your ’Safety net’ for complicated clients 

1. Filtering emails 

2. Updating Contacts in your CRM / Database Building 

3. Appointment scheduling 

4. Answering customer support emails

5. Reminder service 

6. Calendar management 

7. Organising and Filing emails 

8. Alerting you of any important emails that require your attention

9. Filing spam emails

Organisation and filing!

VA’s help your business grow, and it would be difficult to do this with an unorganised filing system. A Virtual Assistant helps maintain an organised system for a more efficient workflow. We are trained in multiple different softwares that are commonly used within business,  why pay for a staff member to get the training when it is included with a Virtual Assistant?

Organised online filing is again another ’Safety Net’ for your business a VA can provide for you, having the right paperwork whenever, wherever all on your phone. That's right, I said on your phone, most VA’s work with Google Drive, this allows you to have any necessary paperwork you may need that you may have forgotten you needed. Google Drive allows VA’s to provide you with real-time documents, you will not have to keep emailing or calling your VA to send you this and that, it's all held on your Google Drive that you share with your VA.

10. Google drive Organisation 

11. Data entry 

12. PDF Conversion 

13. Creating / Managing Spreadsheets

14. Preparing Powerpoint Presentations

15. Real-time Paperwork 

Admin Tasks!

When you first built your business with the money in your pocket to start doing the work you love, no one told you how admin tasks there could be. Admin duties are more than invoicing, emails and phone calls. You probably didn’t realise how many there were until you had to complete them in the evenings after you have worked all day. 

Admin, it's a word every business owner dreads, the below tasks are the most important tasks to keep your business running at its full potential. Unfortunately, admin tasks are not everyone's cup of tea, which is what Virtual Assistants are here for! For example one of the tasks below are call Monitoring and Answering, this task is how potential clients contact you, but I said potential, you could spend 30 minutes? An hour? Or even more on one phone call with someone who may not even become a client, you could have spent that time doing a task that requires your attention more. VA’s will answer your calls to save you this time, you could receive 10- 15 calls a day, that could be equivalent to most of your day, and that is a whole working day gone in a blink of an eye, so what else can a VA help with?

16. Transcriptions of audio files

17. Preparation of Online Meeting minutes 

18. Sending Quotations to clients 

19. Form Creations 

20. Deadline Tracking 

21. Project Management

22. Sending Invoices to Clients 

23. Voicemail Checking and Monitoring 

24. Online research 

25. Document Creation 

26. Report Creations 

27. Call Monitoring and Answering 

28. Letter Preparation 

29. Site Surveys preparation 

30. Tender and Proposal Production

31. Merchandise 

32. Presentations with folders

33. Email Production 

A Virtual Assistant can even carry out personal tasks for you! They may seem small but once you let your VA take care of it, that’s more free time for you.

34. Purchasing Gifts 

35. Personal Reminder service 

36. Personal Diary Management 

37. Personal Email Management 

HR Advisory and recruitment Service!

Well done! If you require this service in addition to your VA service it means you are starting to expand your business and that’s amazing! This is the reason VA’s become a VA, to help business owners expand and grow their companies 

38. Post Job vacancies on Platforms such as Reed and Indeed etc 

39. Evaluate any potential employees 

40. Sends all suitable prospects to you 

This will reduce your workload and save you time and save you the stress of sorting through potential employees.

Saint Financial Group Limited is slightly different from your typical Virtual Assistant, usually VA’s would also handle your Social Media and build your website. At Saint Financial Group we have our very own Media Department, this means we have professionals who can specifically work on your Website and Social Media to the highest of standards, giving you the best you deserve. 

Let me show you how much we can do because we have our own professional media department. 

41. Domain 

42. G-Suite 

43. Blog Publishing Management 

44. Moderating Blog comments 

45. Adding tags and Images to Blog posts

46. Business Card design 

47. Website Development & Design 

48. Website Management 

49. Logo design/redesign, Banners, Icons, eBook Covers and Headers

50. Designing infographics images 

51. Social Media Management 

52. Creating Social accounts

53. Managing and increasing your Social following

54. Schedule tweets 

55. Search engine Marketing

56. Creating Facebook Pages/ Groups 

57. Promoting on Facebook

58. Posting on Facebook 

59. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

60. Answering queries and messages across all social media platforms 

61. Collating and Interpreting Facebook Insights 

62. Create Pinnable images on Pinterest 

63. Creating and Managing Youtube account 

64. Basic Video Editing

65. Uploading Videos to Youtube 

66. Monitoring YouTube Comments

67. Creating a New List in email marketing software 

68. Editing Follow-up Emails and Auto-responders 

69. Creating and scheduling Email Newsletters

70. Editing/ Proofreading emails


Retention Management

Software Advice

Software Implementation

HR Support

Health & Safety Support

Applying to associations such as FMB, Constructionline, Construction Safety etc


Outsourcing your needs out can be a cost effective and manageable solution where you are able to focus on the high level activity within your business while the day to day tasks are being managed and completed in a timely manner on your behalf.

Running a business can be overwhelming but this is why at Saint our purpose is "To give every business owner control of their business." Our business success services we offer are chosen to act as a back office for your business covering everything from finance to the admin tasks. If you are interested in how we can make the difference to your business get in touch here!

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70 Tasks to Outsource to a VA to help grow your construction business!

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