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Is your management set up working for your construction business?

Is your management set up working for your construction business?

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After this article, you will know:

  • If your management is working.
  • Understanding your goals.
  • Why communication is important.
  • Regaining control.

Do you feel as if you are the glue holding everything together? As Trade Coaches we have clients come onboard and within a short period of time we can usually see if a team is operating at its peak performance, are there any bottlenecks and are the right people in the right place… at the right time.

Many business owners do not know that the team is underperforming. They have become settled in their ways which is a comfortable but numbed pain cycle as they have proof of some success and that's where a new outside and independent perspective not tied emotionally or politically really shakes things up. The team and yourself could be doing a lot more. You and the team could be bringing in much better results with just a small lift in standards leading to growth at the rate you want.

So how do you know if your management team is working or even if you are a one man operation the same systems apply. Here are 4 things we look for straight away.

📈 What is the turnover goal?

When you start with Saint it’s not all about hitting an out of this world turnover figure.

It’s about aiming for the right one for your business model. Hit that and maintain it, so it keeps getting more and more efficient.

This simple “cheat” immediately helps already exhausted business owners to stop and take a breath.

Be a bit kinder to themselves as the thought of more success to them right now just means more pain for them.

The thought of expanding subconsciously makes the stomach turn with little bouts of fear. The mind and heart never really connect to the project and they just stay where they are and plod. Some call it a comfort zone but it’s more of a fear cage.

Then they realise they did not have one of the main control points in place and this has left them feeling as if they are not fully in control of managing the business. This gives us the data points we need to develop the team or your approach very quickly.

🤫 Communication

Where we differ so much from other coaches is we understand the industry and that has some good points but it also has the same age old problems and communication is one area where the air can turn blue very quickly or feelings are hurt.

People are not just selling fruit or providing a simple service, the construction plays havoc on a management system just because of the nature of the beast. Trying to get your message, core values, the company mantra or asking people to do things another way is another challenge. You must be able as an owner to get so many points over without the drama which seems to take invisible chunks out of everyone until there is hardly anything left of the person who started out. We work with you to develop new approaches. Mad as it sounds these are all simple and you know them already but it's why coaching works, it helps answer the question, why don't we do what we are supposed to do.

We calm things down and bring in things like trust and understanding. If someone does not really trust you then you will have one result. If someone gave you a task and you really believed in them and trusted them, mentally you have already half completed the task. It's a mind game but it works.

The second point is understanding. As I said it's all simple stuff but if you do not understand them and they do not understand where you are coming from then it will not run well. You will get push back from them not wanting to commit to your way of thinking and you will quickly lose your mind. Being sensitive and aware is a must. Handling someone who becomes very angry quickly is not funny. All this takes its toll and leads to the old line ”I won’t bother now in future I will just do it myself/or just send a text telling them what to do“. If you find yourself saying this then you have a management problem. Not a personal problem ie you, a management problem. Don’t be hard on yourself it's just something that needed tweaking in the business and you decided to call Saint and now let's get going on it. Do not take it personally, it's business not personal.

😡 Driving people mad

Yes the old “Don't you micromanage me” saying. Delegating but not really delegating.

If you are always behind on a job or quoting then this is a management failure. If you feel as if you have to be there or it would not get done then you have low management systems and are probably micromanaging. But that is not the worst bit, the worst bit is when you start to like it. Talk to a Saint coach and get a better system in place for you but more importantly those around you. It improves the mood and people stay/work harder.

🔥 Putting fires out all day

Is this you, running around firefighting, putting problems out all day or did you already have them anticipated and can deal with them quickly and efficiently.

Do you feel if it was not for you it would all fall to pieces? Maybe you are catching the problems just at the right time as above but that's not the issue. We often see “good managers” and they are on top of everything so on a quick check it should pass the test. What we should be looking for is more of a balance. The balanced manager is king. It's the one with the least amount of recorded problems that means it's working.

If you are firefighting and getting through then this is not a good thing. We have many techniques and one of them would be for you to monitor yourself or your manager. If you have 80% problems all day that's the problem. We are looking for less problems so less firefighting. If you say this to the manager they can take offence and are hurt so it does help having a coach who can work with you to iron out these occurrences before they get to the manager. They are less stressed and you have great consistency.

🎉 That's a wrap!

Ok, I hope this helped in some way.  A massive boost and good vibes new people feel when they join us for coaching is that they are not so hurt anymore and realise it was just a part or the business that needed work on. It gives back huge confidence and the enjoyment of working comes back.

If you would like to get started with Saint Coaching or discuss anything within this email, just simply reply to this email.


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All The Best,

Saint Trade Coaches

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