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Myths of the Construction Industry

Myths of the Construction Industry

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MYTH #1 - Construction is bad for the environment

Construction gets a horrible reputation of being bad for the environment and this is due to the fact that many materials emit Carbon Dioxide and are not recyclable, while this can be seen throughout the construction industry, it is not always true. The construction industry is actually moving more and more towards sustainability and is currently making a very large contribution with all of the green buildings and environmentally friendly designs that are becoming more and more popular.

MYTH #2 - Cowboy builders are prominent in the industry

We can see this in every industry, from fake get-rich schemes to cowboy builders. There are always a few untrained, dispassionate workers that produce awful work and get away with it. These lot normally get their work by undercutting everyone in price, but these builders do not make up the construction industry, they are a minority and they never last

MYTH #3 - Getting into construction is a dead end

It is a common perception that the construction industry is a dead-end, but this couldn’t be more wrong. Some join the trade because they are passionate about it, some join the trade because they see value in which they can provide. There are many reasons why someone might join the construction industry but no matter where we are, doesn’t it only become a dead-end if we despise what we do?

Regardless, the industry being a “dead-end” is simply not the case. Many tradesmen decide to startup their own business and build something for themselves. This can vary so widely, they can carry on building etc, they can start training other firms, they can employ, the possibilities are endless

MYTH #4 - Construction is the easy route

A regular myth that you hear is that the construction industry is the easy route, this is completely false. The industry requires a high education, for the most part, architects, civil engineers all have to train several years and have a huge amount of responsibility, such as ensuring that bridges or even floors to a building are able to withstand a substantial amount of weight.

Construction goes further than formal education, it requires people skills, negotiation skills, years of trade knowledge, managing time and deliveries. There is so much to the construction industry and even more when you are running a business.

MYTH #5 - The industry is too dangerous

While the idea of the construction industry does seem dangerous, climbing ladders, operating heavy machinery and so on, it is rather safe. There are a very strict set of health and safety guidelines that must be followed throughout every job. Risk assessments are an important health and safety document that is completed to ensure that the job is completed in a safe manner. By identifying the risks that may lie ahead, we are able to better prepare for them.

MYTH #6 - It’s a man’s industry

More and more women are joining the construction industry! Over 320,000 women are in the trades workforce within the UK alone. The industry is seen as a very male dominant one, but this is changing and the future is looking bright for women who are interested in starting their own trade.

Today’s industry has a very equal and fair balance between men and women plus the construction industry is one of the few industries that is closing the pay gap between the genders!

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