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⭐ The Saint Star Method
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⭐ The Saint Star Method

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⭐ The Saint S.T.A.R Method

The Saint STAR method has rightly earned its place in the construction world over the years giving people a structure to respond to difficult challenges and situations allowing for the processing and clarity of information.

It's a very powerful trick for when you are on the tools and lots of things are spinning in your head and its just too hard to know where to start. It's easy to say this is an easy concept, they all are in reality but what we are looking for is a disturber to the brain for when you face a challenge that is easier to ignore that do anything about it.

🤔 What does STAR stand for?

Situation - Task - Action - Result.

As an example, Imagine you are in your van with a load of paperwork, by using the STAR method we can use this process to switch into state and break down what to do with each bit of paper.

S - Situation: This is where you gather your thoughts, write everything down, or in this case bring all of your items together, we don't have to have all of the answers yet. It's to gather what we have at hand, and to understand the situation.

T - Task: So now to the next stage, we now know what task or job it is. Your brain is whirling away figuring out what is required to make this happen.

A - Action: This is what is needed NOW in order to deliver on this. This is a must. Make that call, make it happen.

R - Result: As you are going through the process of action, think about the result you want from this action and visualise it. This will motivate you and speed up the cycle as you go through the process of each task. Now take the final step and get the project over the finish the line.

This tactic is also good for the workforce. Imagine something chaotic happens, as it always does, instead of calling you instantly in a panic, get them to think before they call, slow things down and come to a decision. What's the situation, what's the first task and then what action, etc.

If this was implemented before they called you, this would save lots of calls, downtime and interruptions.

This also helps with delegating workflows both outgoing and incoming.

🎉 That's a wrap!

This is a simple tactic used for both personal and business challenges that was brought to you from the BD team. I hope you find it useful! If you would like to go over anything we discussed within this email, please let me know by simply replying to this email.

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⭐ The Saint Star Method

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