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The Saint Sealed System | A Complete Marketing System for Construction Businesses
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The Saint Sealed System | A Complete Marketing System for Construction Businesses

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🚧 You’re Leaking Profit!

When people purchase something significant, costly, or risky, they usually don't do so impulsively. They progress through several stages, considering options and exploring alternatives. There is no magical formula that bypasses the psychology of this decision-making process. Each step in this journey is crucial, as they might lose interest if your message isn't suitable at that particular moment.


We find that picturing your marketing system like a high-pressure pipe allows you to really understand this methodology and the terminology that comes with it. 

Any business has a pipe, typically not “official”, normally stored in the heads of the directors, but it’s a pipe nevertheless. We see directors approach Saint who are confused about why their marketing and sales systems just don’t work… Unfortunately, these pipes are often filled with holes and cracks leaking everywhere. It’s something that has been roughly pulled together over time while trying to manage being on the tools, accountancy due dates and endless emails. It's not a surprise it’s leaking... 



By simply identifying and rectifying the gaps within the pipe through careful analysis and planning allows for truly effective marketing, you will generate and retain more profitable customers.

💸 But how is it more profitable?

At the end of the pipe is a bucket, the bucket signifies all the clients that we win, they've made it through the pipe. Of course, we all want to fill the bucket up as much as possible, but the damaged pipe will need a lot more water to do so. As you patch up these leaks, your marketing system becomes more and more profitable as it now requires less water (resources, money, time, focus) to fill that bucket. 



🚧 What is the Saint Sealed System?

The Saint Sealed System is a meticulously crafted Customer Journey solution that has been introduced to construction businesses throughout the UK. Our system carefully identifies and addresses potential blunders or missed opportunities in a client's existing customer journey and marketing infrastructure.

The Saint System can be effectively visualised as a high pressured pipe, where leads enter through and are carefully streamlined through a structured process before being collected in a "bucket" at the bottom.

Many clients initially approached us with a customer journey system that has been put together over time with no real structure in place. This tends to result in having a system that has "leaks" resulting in fewer conversions, lost relations, and even damaged brand reputation. Our job is to analyse and address these leaks, highlight opportunities and introduce the Saint Sealed System into your business.  

  • Build a SEAMLESS Customer Journey
  • Identify potential blunders and missed opportunities
  • Optimise each stage of the customer journey for maximum impact
  • Focus on building long-term relationships with customers

Let's break the system down:

🕊 Stage 1 - Awareness (Taps)

This involves careful analysis of how to consistently get your messaging and business seen by the right type of individuals.

When we work with clients through this stage of the journey, we highlight each and every awareness source (tap) that would be beneficial to their business:

📚 Stage 2 - Engagement

The prospect has discovered your business and awareness has been developed, how can we progress them through the customer journey system?

The Engagement Stage is to develop the prospect's knowledge of what the brand delivers and effectively pass them onto the next stage in the system.

  • Website (Further information, services, proof of concept)
  • Blogs & Articles
  • Company History
  • Easy Contact Info
  • Newsletters
  • Lead Magnets
  • And so on...

🤔 Stage 3 - Evaluation

The prospect has developed a strong understanding of your business and what you offer.

They have decided to reach out via one of your many easy to access channels (Website, Social Media, Email, Phone Call) to discuss their needs and what they are looking to achieve.

This is normally a discovery call to establish and ask a few questions - Communications between the prospect and your business should be seamless and promptly followed up with further resources and swiftly moved onto the next stage. They should not be hitting a voicemail on a mobile number.

💲 Stage 4 - The Negotiation

This is the stage where the sale is made, it all comes down to this.

The prospect mindset in this stage is very logically wired, especially with big ticket items - While you might have already sold the emotional dream they will need proof of concept, can you deliver on your promise? Are you the right choice? is this logically the right solution?

We introduce a range of resources that we can use to our advantage fully satisfy the client.

👋 Stage 5 - The Welcome Window

The Welcome Window is a short period but an overlooked area of most customer journey systems. The sale has been made and you have turned the lead into a client, fantastic!

It's not uncommon to see all communications suddenly drop after the sale until the day of delivery. The customer is left with nothing but hope that you were the right choice for them.

This stage does not require too much but introduces touch points to welcome the client to the company, build rapport and develop trust.

Here are some ideas:

  • Welcome Gifts.
  • Personalised Emails - Looking forward to getting started, etc.
  • Educate the client on the next stages.
  • Onboarding procedure.
  • Further Media Engagement
  • Relationship Development

💙 Stage 6 - Customer Retention

There's holes in the bucket! 

The bucket itself is often overlooked but it's actually the business's most valuable asset. You've done the hard work and have brought an individual from stranger to client, but sometimes even our bucket can have leaks...


It is five times as expensive to acquire a new client in comparison to retaining one.


When we work with businesses and implement a "Saint Sealed System" this is the first area we look at. What's happening to the clients we have already worked with? How can we gain recurring work and use this asset to our fullest potential? 

The Saint Sealed System is designed to foster customer loyalty by creating a consistent engagement between the business and the client.

By consistently delivering value and exceeding expectations, long-term relationships with your customers are built - This keeps them coming back for more. There is a range of solutions that we implement into businesses to build Customer Retention, but let's use Saint itself as an example.

For Saint Construction Support, we built the Saint Loyalty Club - Available for all of our clients which offers a range of benefits:

  • Gifts - We have sent our clients a range of gifts over the years from hampers to bottles of champagne just to show our appreciation and continued support.
  • Birthday/Christmas/Anniversary Cards - A touch point to keep developing a meaningful relationship and show that we care.
  • Dedicated Business Development Manager - All Saint Clients gain access to quarterly meetings with a Dedicated BDM to discuss the progression of the business.
  • Quarterly Reporting valued at £1400 covering the performance of the business and discussion of services provided.
  • Access to Giveaway and Rewards from top-spec tools to tickets to events.
  • Monthly calls with a Dedicated Success Manager
  • And much more...

🎉 That's a wrap!

In summary, the analogy of the marketing system as a high-pressure pipe with leaks effectively illustrates the challenges businesses face in customer acquisition and retention.

The Saint Sealed System emerges as a strategic solution, meticulously addressing and plugging the leaks in the customer journey for construction businesses. With a well-structured approach encompassing stages from awareness to customer retention, the system ensures a seamless flow that optimises each step for maximum impact. The emphasis on trust-building, consistent support, and customer value at every stage reflects a customer-centric philosophy.

In essence, the Saint Sealed System not only fixes the leaks but transforms the entire customer journey into an efficient and profitable process, providing a roadmap for sustained success in the competitive business landscape.

If you would like to build your own Saint Sealed System, simply get in touch with us here.

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The Saint Sealed System | A Complete Marketing System for Construction Businesses

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