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A Social Media Platform Built For The Construction Industry! - Construo.io

A Social Media Platform Built For The Construction Industry! - Construo.io

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Construo CEO Tom Spilsted – whose 43 year career in construction in the UK and middle east includes being a Commercial Director at Lend Lease – explains that Construo is: “About trying to engender collaboration and find information, which is not easy in the construction industry, generally. What makes it unique is that it’s not a search engine or a magazine. It’s live, so people can pose questions and get answers from a group of practical people, who have experience of the industry. It’s designed to build a whole library of answers and questions that is interactive.”

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Web portal Construo aims to combat the construction industry’s fragmented nature and boost construction professionals’ careers. Launched last year, it is a construction-specific web-portal with the lofty ambition of bringing cohesion to what is a famously fragmented industry. Construo’s creators envisage it becoming the go-to website for professionals on all rungs of the construction industry’s ladder.

  • Finding information, collaborating and networking
  • Giving something back to the construction industry
  • Construo’s circle of knowledge

One very human element of Construo is what Spilsted calls its: “Circle of knowledge.” Essentially, it’s a group of long-standing construction industry professionals, whom Spilsted has recruited to use their experience to answer questions on Construo, and effectively make themselves available as mentors on the site.

Anyone in the construction industry struggling with a seemingly insurmountable problem, seeking to improve their work-related knowledge and skills or looking to develop an extensive and useful network of business contacts would be well advised to become active on www.construo.io .

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