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Copywriting For Your Website (A Basic Guide)
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Copywriting For Your Website (A Basic Guide)

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A website job is to convert visitors from point A to point B, whether this is to sales or leads. To do this your website needs to bring the user on a journey, this does, however, include everything from design to copywriting. Within this blog, we will teach you a simple but effective methods in order to optimise your copywriting to convert visitors! 

Your word choice has the capability to break or make a sale, regardless of product or service in which you offer. Your content is the spokesperson of your site and plays a massive role, so you need to ensure it's going to convert those visitors.

The power of persuasion using language techniques is extremely powerful, which is unrecognised by many (including competitors). The copy of a website should be used strategically and effectively as it is a marketing tool. Building trust and authority is important to show you are not only genuine but know what you're talking about.

The Target Audience

You need to understand who you are writing for, which would include everything from age, gender, job titles, etc. 

The language you use is extremely important as you need to present yourself correctly while being understandable. A great example of this would be that I could bore a customer to death talking about the backend of a website, dragging on about elements like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, but it would provide no purpose and would not be meaningful nor engage the reader and they would most likely leave the website.

This is why it is important to break the language barrier, drop the jargon and speak in a way which not only educates the reader but provides value in what you are offering. 

Grabbing Their Attention

Before you can provide value to the reader you have to find a way to get their attention in the first place! A great method of doing this is to use a large bold heading which creates an emotional connection to the reader. A great example but is terribly overused is something like "get rich fast!", while I do not recommend using this whatsoever, it does clearly states it's point while connecting to the reader instantly

Answer Questions

For what is possible, you should answer all questions in the copy which visitors will potentially be asking, this allows for clarity between your potential client and the product/service.

Right Words

Many readers, especially those browsing the internet, skim content, hence why it is so important to use the right words which are considered persuasive and words which converts visitors.

  • Limited - Sense of FOMO (Fear of missing out)
  • No Obligation - Creates a win-win situation 
  • Compare - makes comparison 
  • Instantly - Quick gratification 
  • Free - The idea of something being free which entice visitors 
  • You - Speaking direct, making the reader feel identified. 
  • Guarantee - Nothing to lost
  • Proven - Tried and tested
  • Best - Commonly used when awarded Never - Creates a negative emotion, which engages action (Never have to worry about your taxes!)
  • New - Makes people take notice 
  • Get Now - Putting action to a word
  • Save - Presents the idea of taking advantage of a deal
  • Secret - Makes something feel exclusive 
  • Easy / Simple - Something which does not require much effort
  • Increase - Shows benefit  

Keeping it condensed 

Don't overwhelm the user with irrelevant information which ends up putting them off your product or services and sends them away. Break up huge walls of text into small meaningful paragraphs which conveys value to the audience. Bullet point sections to give spotlights on the page, make certain words bold or italic to draw the readers idea.


The use of SEO may seem like a tricky concept to most, but the most important thing I want to get across is the use of keywords. The reason we do this is to boost your site in search engines rankings such as Google or Bing. 

To do this you should strategically implement keywords which naturally flow within your content in order for search engines to identify what your content actually is. There are useful keyword tools out there such as Google Keyword Planner (located within Google Ads) or Ubersuggest. 

Making The Goal Obvious 

The call to action of the site should be overly obvious, might as well have spotlights on it. Every visitor who lands on your site should be seen as a potential customer, soon as they land, they should be set on a simple track (point A --> Point B). It's pretty simple to figure this out, why do you want people to see your site?

The words you use within your call to action should also be strategically placed. Try avoiding overused words used such as Contact Us, instead, we like to use "Get Started!" as it has more incentive. People love free trials so this is always great to mention, something like "Book Your Free Conference Call!"  would do wonders. 

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Copywriting For Your Website (A Basic Guide)

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