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Do I need a marketing team for my construction businesses?
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Do I need a marketing team for my construction businesses?

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The construction industry is a little more challenging, eccentric, complex, and unsettled as compared to other sectors of the business industry. One has to face a lot of challenges in a construction business from increasing prices of materials to shortage of labour, or less profit expectations to undetermined cash flow. With all this pressure already on the team, one thing that can affect your construction business from reaching its full potential is having to handle and figure out the marketing.

Today, many construction businesses face poor growth and exposure and they are unaware of the reason. Why does my business seem to fluctuate in sales? or why can I not seem to get enough sales period? Several companies still believe that marketing is just for well-known large business organisations to showcase their new partnerships and publicise their policies to the world. So, if you are wondering whether a construction business needs a marketing team or not, you are at the right place! In this article, we are going to discuss everything regarding marketing for the construction business.

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Do I Need Marketing Team For Construction Business?

Even if you construction business is doing well, marketing strategies are always crucial at every point of your business plan. Every business has a plan of continued growth, Whats the next step, how do we continue a steady level of sales and not experience drops and rises, how do we manage the workload on the team, the cost of materials, the credit needed to balance cashflow. A construction marketing team plays a vital role in growth and success of your business. At Saint Global, we are working with the construction industry only, we do not work with any other sectors and this allows us to really dive deep into the understanding and the services that we provide for our clients. We understand the importance of consistency in this industry and more importantly, we know how to get you there.

Now that we know the importance and need of a marketing team in the construction business, we can understand that precisely marketing your business is not something easy. It requires a lot of thinking, hard work, legal paperwork, and whatnot. But don't worry; we've got your back! All of this can be taken care of by Saint Global without any hassle and for a lot less money than having to hire someone in house. We work closely with your business, answering any questions of thoughts that you might have. You have an idea? Talk to us and we will turn it into a reality. Saint Global will provide you with a talented marketing team of experts, who will handle everything without even bothering you, and reach your company's goals.


Top reasons for having a marketing team in a construction business:

There are a lot of reasons why you should implement marketing into your business plan and we have highlighted the best ways the team at Saint Global can support you when reaching your goals.

1. Create brand awareness.

Boosting a business' brand awareness has a multiplicative effect on client loyalty and acquisition. Brand awareness can be increased by advertising in places frequented by target audiences or competitors. Awareness is stage one to any marketing ploy, you have to build awareness, people have to learn of your name and what you do. This can be achieved in many ways from Facebook ads, to PR in the local area.

Consumers look for brands they are acquainted with whenever they need them, whether trying something new or going about their routines, making brand awareness an absolute must when marketing a construction company. When we say that people have "brand awareness" for a company, we imply that they are familiar with what that company has done in the past, what it is doing now, and what it plans to do in the future.

2. Build trust between your potential clients and the company.

Building trust between your business and your potential clients is essential to growth and prosperity. Building trust allows your potential clients to not only think of your business when they need the job done, but to know that you are the right team to do it correctly. It can distinguish between client contacts with your company and those with your competitors. Spreading the word about your brand is a crucial component of marketing. It helps prove that your company is trustworthy, truthful, ethical, and responsible.

In order to build trust with your customers, it's essential to have regular contact with them in which the correct messaging. Building trust takes time and dedication, it can happen through a various method of marketing tactics, such as previous work (discussed next), PR work, sponsoring events, word of mouth and so on.

3. Showcasing past work.

Your company's successes and past works are invaluable tools for marketing. It shows that when you say something like "superior customer service" or "top-notch services" on your construction business site, that you are not just "saying it" but you are proving it.


Showcasing past work through a portfolio allows potential customers to see proof of your work, it is always good to show the end result for most projects, the glamorous finished end product that customer is desiring, you can take it a step further and then show the project from start to finish in further detail.


4. Helps in making strategic decisions:

Working with a construction marketing team can really help you make strategic company decisions, if you are planning to reach and cover a new area, working with a marketing team can really support you create that new audience and extend your reach. If you are looking to employ more members to the workforce, but you are worried about have the right levels of workflow in place to cover their costs, working with a marketing team can help you strategically layout your options and more importantly, how you can achieve them.


5. Build your company reputation:

Your company's ability to sustain growth and success over the long term is tied to the trust and respect it has gains. The correct type of marketing can support the growth of your company reputation. If you want to be known as the best contractor in your local community, a business who really cares and overdeliver, this can be achieved by the correct marketing and branding. (Don't know what branding is? click here to understand why branding is important to a construction business.)


When a business consistently meets or exceeds its customers' needs and expectations, they build trust in its name. Potential customers will feel more invested in their purchases if they have the idea that you know what you're talking about. Successful communication, branding, public relations, and CSR strategies can be applied to safeguard your construction firm's reputation with the help of experienced marketers.


6. It Builds revenue and clientele.

The one marketing is most known for and at the end of the day, the primary overarching goal for all of our efforts is to of course, increase sales and clients. Marketing allows you to extend your reach and more importantly extend it in the correct ways to build relations with the people that need your services. Whether you work within the domestic, commercial or industrial industry, there are multiple different ways to get your business in front of the right type of clientele and prove that you are the team for the job. We can all jump on Facebook, create a page and throw a couple of posts up, it's who sees it, the message that it sends and how it converts that person from just a "viewer" to a client.


That's a wrap

We are here to help you build the right type of marketing for your business, we work by your side as if we was a in-house firm. Saint Global has the power to become a hidden part of your business powering you forward at a fraction of the cost. Finding the perfect marketer can completely alter the direction of your business. Saint Global makes it easy for you! You can expand your construction business and promote your brand by marketing your construction business. Doing this alone is a big hassle, but with a marketing team, life gets easier.


Take action, even if its just a quick chat.

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Do I need a marketing team for my construction businesses?

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