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Get The Most Out of Your Emails | Construction Insider
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Get The Most Out of Your Emails | Construction Insider

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Email management is very important when running a successful construction company! Having your emails organised is very important especially if you advertise it on your website or social media as potential customers may use this to contact you, and you do not want to miss that email as you could be missing potential work!

These are the top 5 saving tips to keeping your emails organised to help your business run as smoothly and stress-free as possible.

Tip No.1 - Create a filing system. This will help you find important emails quickly and efficiently as you will know exactly where it is stored, instead of spending 3 hours scrolling through your inbox trying to find it…

Create folders or labels (for Gmail) as you please but the more in-depth you are, the easier it will be later. Most people file by name and company or some people file based on the contents of the email, this method could be useful if you receive a lot of purchase invoices, purchase orders, or multiple documents.

Tip No.2 - Delete unnecessary emails whenever possible. This will make filing your emails so much faster when you do not have to be filing unimportant emails. When you see a meaningless email come through that does not require your attention, just delete it as this will also help keep your inbox tidy and give you more storage.

Tip No.3 - Read and action every email there and then. When you see the email come through take a look and read through it, if it seems unnecessary, delete it but if it requires an action try and do it there and then, or else if you just read them and move on you will keep reading it over and over again, therefore wasting your time.

Tip No.4 - Unsubscribe from ANY irrelevant emails and newsletters! This tends to happen when you buy something online and you get signed up to their newsletter, but you never read them so you just ignore them and it takes up your storage space. Delete all your old ones and unsubscribe as deleting them every time just wastes your time.

Tip No.5 - Save and send emails with relevant titles. This will make finding emails much quicker and easier! When you send an email with a specific subject, it will make your life a lot easier in the future when it comes to finding and filing them.

We understand emails can lead to a time vacuum and sometimes you are not sure where to start, this is where our SaintVA's can step in and handle this task for you so you can focus back on the work that earns you money. If you could be earning £100 an hour instead of the emails, it makes financial sense to use SaintVA.

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Get The Most Out of Your Emails | Construction Insider

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