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How to create a Linkedin Business Page!
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How to create a Linkedin Business Page!

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Linkedin is a powerful tool used across the globe to connect people with one another. Every social media naturally develops their own niche and Linkedin has developed a niche of being specificised to those who are in the business world. This therefore makes Linkedin a over arching and powerful platform for business to business relationships. Thats why within this blog I want to teach you how to create a Linkedin Business Profile. 

A Linkedin business page is a way for your business to build an audience and spread the voice of your business. By creating a audience you start to develop a trusting relationship with your audience, who have the capability to turn into your clients.

It is important to note that you can only create a Linkedin Business Page on Desktop.

Creating your Linkedin Business Page

  1. Click the work icon in the top right corner of your linkedin homepage 
  2. Click create a Company Page. You can also use this option to create a page for any other option (Schools, Universities, Charities, etc)
  3. Select the page type you’d like to creation from the following options:
  • Small Business
  • Medium to large business
  • Showcase page
  • Educational Institution 
  1. Now you can enter your page identity, company or institution details. 
  2. Check the verification box to confirm you have the right to act on behalf of your company or school in the creation of the page. 
  3. Click Create Page. 
  • If you receive a red error message, you may not meet the page requirements or have reached the limit for pages created. 
  1. Click Start building your page! To continue! 

You now have successfully created your business page, it is now your job to start producing high quality, engaging content to start developing your audience. 

Linkedin have introduced a feature where you can invite your connections (set at a limited amount per month) to your business page, this is a great way to start developing the foundation of your business.

Hopefully this has cleared up the process of creating a Linkedin Business page for your business, however, if you require any more information or would like to speak to the team about logo/header design, feel free to get in touch with us here! 🕊

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How to create a Linkedin Business Page!

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