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How To Manage A Team | Construction Insider
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How To Manage A Team | Construction Insider

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Your team is a key part of your business and should be valued as such, hence the need to properly deploy and manage them. This is a very important component of any business operating within the construction industry. Now managing people comes with its own problems, this is where you really have to develop a leader’s perspective. You have to deal with things being late, incorrect, inconsistent.

This might sound like a lot of hard work, but in the end, once you have developed a strong team that is built within your company, things will get easier, you no longer have to rush around to every job nor have the pressure of being in a thousand places at once.

Importance of effective communication within a team. A team must develop trust, this is not an automatic process and will be formed over time. Trust is formed from reliance, vulnerability and support. Members of the team should be encouraged to communicate to one another more than they would in normal situations, they must hold the value of honesty sincerely, withholding the truth within a team is very damaging to morale and integrity.

Now a project can be completed much more efficiently if it had 3 people working on it in comparison to one, but as soon as you take effective communication out of this, things actually go in reverse.

Teams that communicate will complete projects at a higher quality while being quicker and more efficient. Teams that fail to communicate effectively will end up wasting time and energy doing busy work rather than the work that is required. This is due to a lack of understanding and miscommunication. This often leads to conflict within the group and therefore a break in trust which overtimes leads to worsening performance.

How can you develop your team for your construction business:

Clarifying Project goals and objectives

Clarity of purpose is essential for good project management. It is your responsibility to articulate clearly to the team what everyone’s role is and the overarching goals of the project.

At the end of the day, you are the boss and you need to lead your team. Everyone has a clear understanding of their position and the task at hand. This will give you  a strong overview to ensure that everything is going in the right direction and developing a team you can trust to perform.

• Keep everyone informed

• Good organisational structure with clear responsibilities

• Request feedback

• Assign accountability

Connect on a personal level

Connecting with your team on a personal level will develop a strong relationship, no longer are you just the guy who pays their wages, you become a friend or maybe a mentor. Just by asking about their personal life, a barrier of formality is broken and a greater level of trust and respect is delivered.

A good way to speed this up is company trips (tax deductible by the way) so take your team on a little holiday and have a few drinks to bond over!

Coaching and personal development

An important role to be played as a leader is to bring those up around you. Some of your staff will require support at times and by discussing the issues at hand and working through them together will bring a tremendous amount of trust while actually teaching something too.

The development of your team is essential and a way to be seen as a good employer is to pay for your to keep learning, this could be approved courses or H&S training etc. The risk of losing an employee will always be there so the investment should not be left out purely because of this reason... if you are a good employer and they believe you have the best interest in their career then they are more likely to stay with you!

Recognition and reward

It is important to realise that when someone puts a lot of hard work into a project they want to be recognised for it. If you just disrespect and disregard every project that they complete (good or bad), they will start to become less motivated and not care about any future projects that you assign them.

Looking after your team is of the highest priority. If you look after them, they will look after you!

If you need any more information regarding organisation structure or team bonding, feel free to reach out to our team today!

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How To Manage A Team | Construction Insider

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