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Is Your Accountant Doing Enough For You?
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Is Your Accountant Doing Enough For You?

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Is your accountant really doing enough for you?

Have you been with the same accountant for 20 years, paid your fees to them, they see you once a year to go through your books to tell what you owe them and what you owe the Government - is this all you really want from your accountant?

The Accountants are happy, it's a perfect relationship, for them maybe and they treat everyone the same.

But is that it?  

Is that all an Accountant should be doing for me?  

The answer is no, there is a lot more you should be getting. It splits into two sections 50/50.

Half the people we speak to daily think this old 70’s way of working is fine and they just plod on. They just stay stuck in time. They will never leave their accountants, sometimes out of fear that they may need to learn new ways or it’s always been that way. The there is the other half, the more ambitious ones say “ I have thought this for years, why is the information so hard to get, I have even read books to try to work it out myself’. These are the people who join us daily in droves and see their business and personal lives change within weeks.

Why do things change? Because we work harder. We are actual ex-trade so we can talk the job. Okay, you might not know what you want right now but you know this information can fuel your growth, we know what the main questions are so we work through these, in stages so you learn also.

It’s okay to come late to the party, some have been running business for over 20 years and then switch to Saint and see the massive improvement in their lives and businesses. It’s not costing them anything, they are already paying for an accountant, it's just we work harder for our money and provide more information and insight for our clients.

At Saint we treat you as a unique individual, Your Business Development Manager reviews how you are doing every 12 weeks, you also get a permanent Success Manager who catches up with you once a month. When was the last time your accountant rang you and said well done! We simply just work harder for you.

We talk and make plans of what to look out for and also the action that needs to be taken, we talk about things like the corporation tax at each meeting and see how we can start to learn but also offset to its not just one big painful bill. We talk about when’s the right time to hire or advertise, are you actually making a profit or is it just a few good jobs a year.

Details like this can help restructure what type of works you take on so you stay in the right areas that you perform well in.

We can also handle all your bookkeeping and this is where we find all the real operating information is presented daily. 

But most accountants don't do that... they just seem to pass this work off as unimportant. It is simply unimportant to them because they get paid for the end of the year books and prefer to have it easy and offer no real calls or support.

Saint delivers more than anyone else. We like to be involved in the day-to-day work. It’s hard work but because it's important we provide you with the right information you need to know to be in control. Leading you to peace of mind and a full understanding of your business. Saint work with you to provide a better visual of the business, like I said, Is your accountant really doing enough for you or just taking your money year after year.

Some will just stay with their accountant just out of habit but some will realise "you know what, I do want to know if we are really making money”. If you have other things you wish to expand on like sales, the information we give you is what will deliver success.

I know how scary it is to move accountants, I have heard it all “ they get me”, they are really nice” I got in trouble and they helped”. I know all this and also loyalty but its your business and you are doing this to earn and start banking cash in your own account. If that is not happening then something has to change and that change is to move to Saint today.

We look to help our clients in more ways than just figures, we are making our clients lives easier and simpler.

By changing to a pro-active accountant who specialises in the construction industry, this is the game-changer.

It will bring that control into your business that you have been searching for. We match your passion for your business.

Why hire a bookkeeper inside your office when this function could be done by someone fully remote, no sick pay, no employment contract, no pension, no 5-6 weeks holiday pay. Outsourcing your financial function to Saint is the next step your construction business needs to make and giving you back the funding you were spending.

Lots of companies are now turning their full Financial Director role to someone remote. Our new startups who join us are all construction companies having this powerful data and advice to hand from the start, they are pulling ahead of the competition and stabilising quicker. 

If your accountant closed down or if you had to re-start again today, wouldn’t you want to work with Saint in a modern way and see all this powerful information at the touch of a button on your iPad or would you choose to find an old-style accountant/bookkeeper and just send your monthly payment, it's just so flat.

Why keep one of the most important parts of your business dead.

It doesn't have to be like that any more, times have changed, you should expect more. So switch to Saint, we are experts at the whole swap over and you will have more visibility of your business and confidence to now plot against what comes your way

If you feel you want to freshen up your business and add a lot more energy into it Contact Saint today for a no obligation chat! 

This quick decision will change your business and personal life for the better. If you have felt like you have just been going through the motions or even really tried and keep stalling then this is the solution. Get started with Saint today here!

"What you are not changing, you are choosing to keep"

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Is Your Accountant Doing Enough For You?

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Saint Accountants

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