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Is your website ACTUALLY working?
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Is your website ACTUALLY working?

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We see that a lot of construction businesses have a construction website! Great right? not so much. It's one thing having a website, but is that website actually working for you? or does it just sit idle, yet you still get a monthly bill.

Can a website do more than that? Of course!

🤔 Whats the point of the website?

The purpose of a website varies from business to business, but there is always one goal that we are all after...

Winning work.

Whether we are using our websites to generate leads directly or we are using it to build trust and show previous work completed, we are trying to generate work and sales.

👀 How do I fix my website?

There is two reasons why your website might be failing.

1. User Experience

This is the experience between your website and the visitor. There is a lot held within this and includes everything from your branding, the images, the positioning of the text, the placement of buttons, the flow of the site, the use of links, the use of colours and I could go on.

All of these factors contribute greatly towards the user experience, it's your job to make sure its a positive one, translating the right message in a clear and visually appealing interface, ticking every box in the sales process to turn that visitor into a lead.

2. Lack of Marketing

That's right, a great website is not a marketing tool by itself. A website is not the final answer but more so the connection of all marketing efforts that you put out there.

A websites purpose is to convert visitors into leads, how to get them visitors is a different story. Simply throwing up a website with no means of getting to it just won't cut it. Here are some marketing methods that you can put to use and get them leads in!

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Van Livery (Link or QR code)
  • Google my Business
  • Pay Per Click advertising
  • And so on...

🎉 How can I fix this?

For a limited time, we are offering a Media & Market audit to you for free! We will be going over all of the above in a much deeper level, this kind of information and insight is not normally giving out for free, so act quick and claim your media audit. To claim your audit simply get started here

These media audits are very honest and transparent, so even if you know your website is not quite up to scratch, you'll know what is best to improve first!

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Is your website ACTUALLY working?

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