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Saint Ambassador supporting apprentices across the industry.
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Saint Ambassador supporting apprentices across the industry.

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Saint Ambassador is providing support and resources for young talent across the construction industry while also educating the public on pressing issues such as diversity, mental health, and safety protocols. 

Brighter futures are being built through the commitment of fantastic Saint Ambassadors who volunteer their time and efforts in order to make a difference for individuals within the construction industry.

Saint Ambassador has attracted some big names within the construction industry such as:

Danny Clarke CMIOSH

Commercial Director of The National Federation of Builders, Danny Clarke. 

“I have been privileged to have been a mentor and be mentored by a number of wonderful people over the years and I believe there’s nothing better than being able to support others on their journey and career pathways.”

Andrea White MSc BSc(Hons) IEng

“I was delighted to be asked to be a Saint Ambassador because of my passion for competence – I have mentored many individuals over recent years, helping them to identify appropriate fire safety courses and offering advice regarding career progression in the fire sector. Becoming a Saint Ambassador allows me to extend my assistance to a wider construction audience, promoting what fire engineers actually do and ensuring that women continue to be well-represented in the industry.”

Andrew Parker - Director of BuildForce

“When I was asked to become a Saint Ambassador, I researched what that meant; it was an easy decision.  The opportunity to help a wide range of people from young candidates to existing businesses to build a brighter, stronger future for the construction industry was compelling.”


"I wanted to become a Saint Ambassador so I could be part of a great construction focused foundation that is a presence to support and guide, others in the construction industry and to improve the industry as a whole."

What is Saint Ambassador?

Saint Ambassador is a non-profit foundation that is built and run by the commitment and dedication of industry leaders known as Saint Ambassadors. Chief of the foundation, Michael O’Rourke runs and administers the foundation with a dedicated team funded by Saint Financial Group (A construction industry support firm). “The day-to-day of operations can be simple or end up very complex and heart-wrenching, with every candidate coming to us looking for a solution to their specific challenge, the job can get quite complex quickly. Thankfully, due to our unbelievable team of Saint Ambassadors, we are able to help the industry and the challenges that candidates face with passion and devotion”.

The foundation helps in every way possible. This includes helping candidates with CV's, advising on handling and presenting themselves when preparing for interviews, helping individuals reach new contacts and networks, guidance on the right qualifications and so much more.

While only being operational for three years (launch in 2019), Saint Ambassador is dedicated to helping those within the construction industry and raising awareness on pressing issues with a substantial push towards promoting and supporting Women within Construction and mental health. 

“We truly appreciate the work that Saint Ambassadors have contributed in supporting apprentices within the construction industry, it has been a great experience and we are continually looking for new Ambassadors to join the team, providing the upcoming young talent with a platform to seek mentorship and advice building a brighter future for everyone involved.” - Michael O’Rourke

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Saint Ambassador supporting apprentices across the industry.

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Saint Ambassador

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