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Golden Ticket! Sounds like something out of a movie!

Our clients is what keeps Saint going! As a thank you we are finally releasing our Golden Ticket!

We are giving you £100 for every client you refer to Saint! You have the option if you want this in cash or a voucher which you can spend over a variety of shops all over the UK! This ticket is also NOT limited! You can refer as many people as you want and for every person who successfully signs with Saint will get you £100, so you can stack this a high as you want!

Refer a friend here! 


Where can i spend the voucher?

You can spend this voucher on lots of different shops, whether you need some new clothes, take your other half to a nice meal at Miller and Carter Steakhouse or even the theatre! With this voucher you can even donate to the National Trust, wouldn't it be nice to give a little something back to mother nature.

When do I have to refer by?

The £100 reward will end January 1st 2022!


  • The referer has to have signed a letter of engagement with Saint.
  • Both individuals and companies are eligible for our referral program!

Please see our T&Cs below -

Terms and Conditions

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