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A Sneak Peek from the Trade Coaches
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A Sneak Peek from the Trade Coaches

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We spoke with the Trade coaches this week and discussed what they do to give a business an instant lift, they said of a lot of it can be a mental thing and this simple 4 squared diagram was a fantastic place to start and drive that boost!

There are 4 words here - Self belief - Potential - Action -  Result. Try to remember the order and names. This is a quick reset tool for when you are down or in doubt. You may think it’s nonsense now but try it when you're out and a bad call etc comes in and you drop. Noticing the mood drop is key. The more you notice the drop in your mood and start to correct it becomes like a muscle and what could drag for an hour or day is now starting to correct quicker. It's a concept from sports psychology ie if you are playing a match and go a goal down, play the words and if you trust it kicks in. We can do this = Belief etc and so on and play the words over and over.

If someone is full of potential but takes no action, they then get poor to no results and the reason is that they have poor self-belief.

If someone thinks they have little potential and they take little action what results do they get? Little results! Not great. What does that do to your self-beliefs? You go to yourself  “See told you it wouldn’t work“.

So how do you change the result - You change your beliefs

So imagine you change your belief, not just hoping things work out,  you have to, you have to change your circumstance right now, today, enough of this, what do you do? You will change BY CHANGING THE BELIEF CHANGE the result.

You have to change your beliefs, it's now, not a should do this or a must-try, it's a definite, this is happening.

You are now certain this is going to work, there simply is no choice, you’re ready to commit to yourself to see this through.

What happens then to your new empowered certainty in your Potential, That's right it begins to lift, you're not scared anymore, this increases you to then take MASSIVE Action and BOOM you get the Results and what does this do to your Self-Belief? Yes, it soars, you are the real deal and you then spin the wheel again when you face your next challenge.

A massive boost of energy throughout your life and your business just by making simple mind switches.

This was a quick motivational tip brought to you by the BD team at Saint Financial Group.

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A Sneak Peek from the Trade Coaches

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