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Struggling to get clients? Read this
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Struggling to get clients? Read this

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👷 Who do you want to work with?

The first thing we ask a client is "Do they truly understand what they want?" This might seem obvious, but if we offered you a steady stream of a particular type of work you favoured, it could change how you operate. We call this the Client Profile.

How often do you find yourselves driving to an area for work say; from north to south London yet on the way we see vans in south London heading north? Imagine if you could cut back on that travel.

On top of that, we look at things such as type of work; some people enjoy being on site maximum of a few hours or days whereas some prefer a 4 or 6-month gig.

We also look at the value of projects. Everyone wants the stars and moon but are we there yet? is this the right project for my business right now?

We look to scaffold the stages so we can attempt to do it in, smaller less demanding lifts that relieves an incredible amount of strain on the business and supports cashflow.

Do people change their minds with the leads they want?

Yes - as mad as it sounds.

We had a client that changed their profile 4 times but it goes to show that this client, a long-standing firm, once they started to see more of what they really wanted coming through, by working with Saint they pivot quickly from intelligence-lead data and not stay in the same old habits.

They reset and locked on, this in turn brought in better conditions like less travel and less chaos for staff and management.

Do not worry about getting it spot on right away, just try it in small shifts again and again, type of work, area, value, and payment time, in time, you'll be working with exactly who fits your business model.

If this sounds interesting, book a discovery call with us here.

📈 How do we increase our chances of winning work?

In short - they have to know you exist and secondly, people do not want to make a financial mistake - so they now look for reassurance and trust building online for example.

I would love to say this is not true and the old ways of people being in jobs for 15+ years but now people move, things change, buyouts, business models change from higher up and the old ways of working seem to all but have gone. The younger crowd and I say that as those under 40 are more inquisitive and media savvy and take a look online before they choose you.

Even now, would you read a review in Argos or Amazon if you were going to buy a kid's pool or a bit of kit? Decisions are now made in seconds on price and most importantly - trust. Digital Trust.
So make sure your Media profile ticks the boxes, it not only helps win the work but it also, with clever contact, makes sure you get the next call for the next project.

You have to have a strong digital profile, otherwise you're dead in the water and will start to fall behind without knowing it.
You also need content - like this Saint Sunday - it's for you - but it comes from a trusted source like Saint, become that trusted source.

It doesn’t have to be a newsletter, but media in general, it is referred to as media collateral. You need various forms of media, such as a brochure showcasing your past work, an authoritative website, and so on.

This provides clients with pricing information and establishes digital trust and media authority, ultimately reassuring them.

📢 We seem to lose or not hear back from clients even after we have worked with them.

This is a big one and it is one of the first correction tools we jump onto if we are sent a distressed company. In the old days if you ran out of work you would sit down with your contact book and just ring everyone.

Probably not end up with what you wanted but it kept things ticking over.

Sometimes the answer is right in front of you and a BIG thing is these people have already worked with you - in our sales world that ups the score to 45% - a massive head start - so get calling!

🏆 How do we follow up with a Lead or opportunity?

You have to keep tapping away - the more you try, the higher the chance. It’s really that simple.

People are busy, they see lots of approaches, so try to stay on as long as you can.
Here is our system, try it yourself and see how things improve!

At Saint, we take a Lead sourced to match your Client Profile as above and take them through a journey. Think of it like a train line. The first station is Leads where a team of market intelligence analysts, they know who is doing what and select the targets - they then move this to the Business Intelligence Team - they identify real in-depth details, find out who’s important, financials - project details - and they pass to your BDM who packages this all up as an Intelligence Report and send it to you to review - the BDM then undertakes a workflow - a series of calls and emails and all sorts - the idea is if the target company did not know about you, by the end of the month they will, all the key players will know of you.

The idea is to really shake the tree. We then pass this to a Nurture stage - to keep in contact - and then onto the After Build stage - which can be for hitting the target for the maintenance of the project, other associated works even remedials.

We then place them into a Love List and just keep in touch over the year multiple times with little newsletters or updates for example. If you are an electrician, it can be things that match the calendar - like outside lighting after September - another newsletter like outside sockets in the summer - these touch points be it commercial or domestic - are just you saying hi.

Now this sounds like a lot of work, and it is. We have dedicated teams that are doing this every day and they are very on point, but even without Saint, you can implement this yourself.

It can be hard if you are talking calls or deliveries or travelling to site whereas they are doing just that one job, we understand that.

There are a few components you will need like a CRM to hold your data and a budget for the quarterly newsletters but this is not a lot and should be seen as a company investment/offset on tax.

For example, our entry package to simply bolt on to either a one-man band or multi-million-pound outfit run, who then manage the above system and you have your own dedicated BDM, Market Analysts and Business Intelligence Team to manage all of this from £450 a month - That less than £17 per day. You may be spending more than that on diesel a day for the Transit.

Stop doing work that just pays the bills and start doing the work that changes your life and lifestyle.
You can see it does not cost that much for you to attempt yourself or work with Saint - do you as a company stay in the same place for the next 3 years or start bringing in measures to protect yourself?

Frequently asked questions

Q: How can defining a Client Profile help my business?

A: By offering a steady stream of preferred work, a Client Profile can reduce unnecessary travel and streamline operations, making your business more efficient and effective.

Q: How does the type of work factor into a Client Profile?

A: Different businesses prefer different project lengths. Some enjoy short-term jobs lasting a few hours or days, while others prefer long-term engagements of 4 to 6 months. A Client Profile considers these preferences.

Q: How does project value impact the Client Profile?

A: We assess if the project value aligns with your business goals and current capabilities. This helps ensure you're taking on projects that are right for your business at the right time.

Q: What are the key factors in increasing chances of winning work?

A: First, potential clients need to know you exist. Second, they seek reassurance and trust, which is often built through a strong online presence and positive digital reviews.

Q: Why is a strong digital profile important?

A: A strong digital profile helps you win work by establishing trust and authority. It ensures clients feel confident in choosing you for their projects.

Q: What is media collateral and why do I need it?

A: Media collateral includes various forms of media, like brochures and websites, that showcase your past work and expertise. This helps establish digital trust and reassure potential clients.

Q: What is your system for managing leads?

A: At Saint, we take a lead through a journey involving market intelligence analysis, business intelligence, and targeted follow-ups. This ensures the target company knows about you and remains engaged.

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Struggling to get clients? Read this

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