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The importance of a Marketing Strategy in a Construction Business
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The importance of a Marketing Strategy in a Construction Business

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This week's Construction Insider Article will discuss:

  • The effective Breakdown of Marketing.
  • The importance of a Marketing Strategy.
  • How to tie ALL of your marketing together for Greater Results.

In today's highly competitive landscape, marketing strategies have become more crucial than ever before.

A well-crafted marketing strategy serves as the backbone of any successful business, helping to navigate the complexities of the market, identify opportunities and risks, engage with correct target audiences, and ultimately drive growth.

At the bottom of this article you can find the fantastic Saint Global Short Brochure as an example with more information and great visuals - would your company not benefit from a brochure when you send your quotes to your clients?

It's one of the first delivery points on providing credibility to the customer and why they should choose you over a competitor and ultimately drive growth. Click here to build a brochure for your business.

The real word we are looking for here is transition. This comes in two elements so stay with me - firstly as a company but also as the Directors. - To go from the famine or feast mentality with your sales, busy one minute and then quiet the next to more of a calmer consistent year after year approach.

This is where Saint Global excel as we look for your internal company indicators such as your operating capacity, manpower, cashflow and location ensuring you transition into taking the right work at the right time starts to happen, not by chance, its your Marketing Strategy paying off.

We are construction specialists and I know after being years in the business, no other Media agency even begins to consider the same points as us, we are truly ahead of the curve and that’s where we want you to be, ahead of the competition.

Some people come to us with no sales, some people taking everything and anything they can get their hands on and then to the ones who are turning work away. Each comes with its own operational or lifestyle dilemmas and as company directors, you can feel the resistance and strain.

The idea behind the “transition mindset“ is to trust the change from operating in the reaction mindset to strategy mindset. The reaction mindset is what we at Saint call Tactic Burn, because you get just that, no foundation, no consistency and we know consistency brings motivation which in turn brings confidence and that’s the second element of the “Transition mindset” that as Directors we help you work through.

The sticking point is change - fear usually - it's not even logical to keep going the way you do. Your existing provider I bet just does what you pay for, nothing more nothing less -  your paying VIP fees but sitting in Economy - what’s missing is the extra level of customer service and that’s where Saint are game changers, upgrade now, move up to the front, you and your company, to Saint.

If the old way is not working or it's been the same madness year after year and you are not getting the results for your hard efforts - So what's the point? As Directors, make a corporate decision today to transition to a new way of working.

That's enough from me, here's Charlie and let's take a moment to learn how a Marketing Strategy can change your business.

🚧 The Effective Breakdown of Marketing

Marketing as a whole can be effectively broken down into two areas of focus.

Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral encompasses the diverse range of resources that are utilised to achieve specific business objectives, such as converting leads into paying customers, fostering customer loyalty, enhancing brand awareness, and establishing a robust reputation.

Market Placement

Market placement refers to the strategic positioning of your business within a specific market segment to attract the attention and build relations with a targeted audience. By targeted audience, this simply means your end clients.

So how does all of this tie in with a Marketing Strategy?

🚧 The Importance of a Marketing Strategy

A Marketing Strategy encompasses Marketing Collateral and Market Placement effectively and through careful planning and resource allocation, a well-designed marketing strategy enables a company to position itself optimally in the market and guide prospects through a seamless customer journey.

By leveraging the power of a well-crafted marketing strategy, businesses can achieve their marketing goals and drive sustainable growth.

Deliverable key points of a Marketing Strategy:

  • Clear direction and goals.
  • Carefully identified end client.
  • Cohesion of Marketing Collateral and Market Placement.
  • Resource optimisation.
  • Consistency throughout the brand's marketing objectives.
  • Adaptive to current market position.
  • Measurable through effective KPIs

Welcome to the high selling Saint Marketing Strategy.

Designed to support businesses and propel growth in today's dynamic marketplace.

With a team of seasoned marketing experts (focused only within the Construction Industry), we offer a tailored approach that aligns with your unique objectives and targets.

Our service encompasses a meticulous analysis of your industry landscape, competitor insights, and consumer trends, enabling us to craft a strategic roadmap that maximises your brand's visibility, relevance, and impact.

Again, Saint are changing the industry norm, where as before you would have a single strategy printed off, lost in a draw somewhere, we work to a live platform, realigned and reviewed three times a year delivering a trifactor of powerful insight to map into the other areas of the business with your dedicated Saint Marketing Manager by your side to review your data sets every four months. Are you reviewing your business performance? If not, why?

Recover this investment through your increase sales and offset against your corporation tax! It's a no brainer!

This best selling solutions allows you to stay aligned with your targets and goals in a rapidly changing industry, so even when the path changes (as it always does in the construction industry) you are ready to adapt.

Take advantage of our limited time offer on our Marketing Strategy Solution at only £199 per month!

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The importance of a Marketing Strategy in a Construction Business

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Saint Global Marketing

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