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The Pillars of a Successful Construction Business + SEO Freebie
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The Pillars of a Successful Construction Business + SEO Freebie

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🚧 The Pillars of a Successful Construction Business

The BD Team have many systems in place which will suit firms at different times of their growth and one of the first structures to help start-ups is the “rocket ship” mentality to help them scope out what lies ahead with a growing business, the pillars or structure of any business as such.

Picture a big flat oblong craft with rockets dotted around the outside to help it lift off.

If one rocket has too much fuel it will be lifting the rest of the craft and burn out the reserves and cause the craft to lose lift or topple on take off. So we need to control the uplift, use and conserve the minimum of fuel sensibly for the journey and keep things stable.

This craft is in essence your business. The rockets are different functions within the business. The fuel for your rockets is (cash or capacity).

So what are these rockets?

Finance - The finance function of your business is a mirror of how well the business is running.

Sales - Are we capable of selling as well as working on-site.

Admin - Love it or hate it, paperwork is crucial in today's world with RAMS and applications for payments.

HR - Who knew we would have to spend so much time and money to hire, fire and manage the staff when we started out - Not to mention payroll...

Estimating - If we are not earning enough this is often the place to look, poor price or poor performance.

IT - The need to work with a professional set-up - IT is one of the quick wins in turning a business around to be a more measured and successful long-term business.

Operations - Ops - Often overlooked, it's the work behind the scenes of what goes out.

Marketing - It's who you are, Who you are to your customers and what makes them engage.

Services - It’s the boots on the ground and differs from Operations - A common area of bottlenecks if no separation in this section from Operations.

Management - Yes some construction owners actually don’t do everything themselves and have management to oversee the different sections above!

CEO- The Bosses - This is probably you, and you either do it all including making the tea or have teams in place.

Your job now being the Captain of the ship is to realise you need to gauge how much thrust to give to each rocket to keep it all running calmly and efficiently. The drawback is as you grow you start to need more fuel and more capacity in each of these rockets.

When you get really good at feeding just what each rocket needs you can start to steer using just short blasts to one or two rockets, making big changes with little effort.

It's important to not use all the resources (cash or capacity) into the Sales rocket alone, it could burn out quickly giving no real results, the craft is now too heavy and the fuel has all been spent meaning you can't pull away or get out of trouble.

Or worst, using all the fuel in the Sales rocket, while it did bring in some sales but caused chaos in the Operations and Services rockets because they could not cope or fire up due to not enough fuel (capacity) and you just ended up with a bad name (Marketing) as you came back to the ground in a heap.

This rocket format builds habits that are needed for good housekeeping which maintains order throughout the business,

It is used on one man bands to larger outfits, its handling and advising on this process where Saint excel.

🕊 Working with Saint

By switching your operations to Saint you simply gain more visibility of your company performance which is a constant worry for clients before they joined, always on edge and second guessing.

This is where Saint being construction specialists stand alone - we look to not just recommend processes and software's but to set up and manage them for you over the long term as well connecting over time all the data in real time and provide advice in very clear language just what is going on back to you.

We do not take on other sectors like restaurants or shops - you simply have to be in or supply the construction industry to work with us... We work with one man bands to £M outfits, Manufacturer’s and Architects.

If you are already paying someone for your Media, Accountancy, Bookkeeping, Business Development or Administration and you would like to freshen it up and have someone look after you for once then all you are doing is simply switching an already outgoing service to Saint who are the UK’s No1 Construction support specialist.

🕊 Freebie! Free SEO Report

This week we are offering a Free SEO Report for you to claim!

Why not let our Construction Media specialists at Saint Global see how well you are performing and report back to you.

Are you getting value for money? Has your SEO been set up properly?

Every day we see horror stories from new enquires proudly showing their SEO web traffic but it’s been outsourced by their Agency without them knowing.

Yes, you might be getting hits, but is any of it relevant traffic? There is no point in gaining traffic from Vietnam or India if you are not operating there. This false data might look good on a quarterly report but means nothing. You do get reports, don’t you?

At Saint, we are ahead of the curve and data-driven. We use the reports to tweak your SEO settings on an ongoing basis. We say if you cannot measure data you cannot change its direction. We need to know it’s working. How long would you last on-site without a tape measure - the details matter.

We have at least 5 DOA enquiries (dead on arrival) a month where a client is paying fortunes for SEO and the Agency is just taking their money and they are getting little to no traffic.

Claim my FREE SEO Report

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The Pillars of a Successful Construction Business + SEO Freebie

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