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What is a Virtual Assistant and What do they do?
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What is a Virtual Assistant and What do they do?

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What is a Virtual Assistant?

We like to think of a VA as a part of your business, your admin ‘fail-safe’. As the name suggests they are an assistant just virtual! It’s like having a personal assistant or having a receptionist, but they don’t work in your office!

Virtual Assistants can handle all your administrivia, manage your diaries, organize your emails and make sure you remember your appointments (I could go on but we don’t have the time!). 

A VA is self-employed, they run their own business, hiring a VA is very different from hiring an employee. VA’s work their own hours as they may have a day job and became a VA for the evenings and weekends, but most VA’s are solely a VA but this does not mean they work 9 am - 5 pm, Monday - Friday, they could work only 5 hours a day or maybe less if they fancy it! VA’s are also very reliable, they only charge you for when they have been working on or for your business, and they always make sure your tasks are completed by the deadline or as quick as they can.

VA’s are business ‘Superheroes’, you’re probably wondering why? Let’s draw you a picture!

Imagine you are a construction company owner, lots of physical work, early mornings and late nights on a site, and never knowing what to expect when you turn up to a job. 

Now picture yourself coming home at 7 pm, you were out the door at 5 am and have been on a site all day and all you want to do is have your dinner and go to bed! 


You need to send your invoice off to the client to make sure you get paid in time, you need to check tomorrow's work schedule and send that quote off you promised to send this morning, but you’re just so tired! You check where you’re going tomorrow and leave the quote and invoice till tomorrow, but tomorrow ends up being exactly like today and again and again and again... 

You forgot about that quote and that invoice, you never sent them off… 

You lost that potential client because they never received your quote…  

You never sent the invoice and now your suppliers are due for payment but you haven’t been paid… 

and this turns into a vicious cycle or you sent the quote and the invoice on the correct night but because you were so tired, they were the wrong amounts and you got underpaid for that job and quoted the wrong amount meaning you lost money instead of making it.

Now let’s introduce a VA to the picture!

Now picture yourself coming home at 7 pm, you were out the door at 5 am and have been on a site all day and all you want to do is have your dinner and go to bed! 

Go on then!  

Your VA has already prepared your invoice for the job you completed and all you need to do is approve it, the quote you were supposed to send this morning was sent this morning as your VA prepared it and all you had to do was approve it. You got paid on time and your potential client became a very happy client! Your evenings have never been more free!

Why should you hire a VA? 

  • They save you money compared to an employee
  • They save you time 
  • They give you your weekends back 
  • Increased Productivity and Reduced workload for you!
  • They drive your business growth
  • They have strict confidentiality
  • They reduce your stress
  • You only pay for the work they do

To learn more about why you should hire a VA check out this blog!

How can Saint help you?

Saint have many skilled and trained Virtual Assistants, this allows every client to have their own dedicated VA. The growth and the success of your business is our goal! We become a part of your company to help you get back to doing what you love and focusing on the reason you started your business as we are sure it's not because you love admin and answering emails!

Get in touch today here!

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What is a Virtual Assistant and What do they do?

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