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🚧 What is the Construction Survival Guide?

🚧 What is the Construction Survival Guide?

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Saint Financial Group has partnered up with Construction Insider to deliver the best guide on growing, optimising and being in control of your construction business!

This guide has been written by experienced directors within the industry, you will be getting exclusive access to:

  • Insights from the construction industry on how to scale your business! This advice is coming straight from business development managers with decades of experience in the industry.
  • Financial Advice to make the most out of your numbers from our Chief Financial Officer covering pricing, profits, financial accounts and much more!
  • Time & Management Advice from the Operations Director of Saint Virtual Assistants in order to become more productive and effective while developing your business.
  • Media & Marketing Advice from the founder of Saint Global which provides industry insights on the exact methods we use in order to scale and grow construction firms across the UK!
Construction Survival Guide
"The perfect start-up guide! I have advanced my business by years just from this book alone! Anyone who is starting up a construction business or even owns an established business should give this a read. It has truly allowed me to understand my pathway to success"

👋 What if I'm not a Startup?

That's not a problem whatsoever!

It's your choice what you want to do with the book, you can give it a quick read to ensure you have everything in place in your already established business or you can pass it onto a few friends that might be looking to start up their own construction business! This book covers the essentials you need to know from best practices for invoicing, CIS rules, marketing your company and many tips on getting things done.

If you choose to refer a friend (that successfully signs up to SaintFG). You would receive £100 respectively! Meaning you can get £100 for every referral!

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🎫 Saint Golden Ticket!

If you do choose to refer a friend you could get yourself £100 per person you refer!

So if you refer 10 people to the book, and those 10 people successfully sign up with SaintFG you would get yourself a whopping £1000!  

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We hope you enjoy the eBook and if you have any questions (big or small), feel free to get in touch with your dedicated business manager. They will be more than happy to explain/go over any issues that you are facing.


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2. Keep up to date with Construction Insider Providing you with industry insight, tips & tricks and much more to make sure you are ahead of your competitors!

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The Construction Survival Guide 2022

The only book you need to start up your construction business in 2021! The CSG becomes your new handbook offering everything that you need in order to create a successful construction business!

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